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Vinnie – Week 6

Well, I’m back in town, and I think its best we ‘forget the past’. Wasn’t pretty for Vinnie a couple weeks ago, but a couple deals later, and I’m back limping in with my picks of the week. Another week like that, and I’ll be swimming with people more dangerous than fantasy sharks.

A couple solid plays here,

Giants +3.5 @ Dallas: Dallas isn’t as good as they showed on National TV last week as they destroyed Philly. The Giants coming off a bye, and Eli should exploit the Dallas Secondary. Divisional games are close games, so take the points to the bank. Giants +3.5 ***

San Diego -2 @ Oakland: San Diego off a short week, Oakland off a Bye. Oakland should be competitive here, so take the home dog to win straight up on a last minute FG. Oakland +2 **

New England +3 @ Denver: New England’s second road game, and Denver is ready for the World Champs. But, Jake Plummer is no match for the confusing Pats secondary. Take the points. NE +3 **

OK – There you have it, 3 Dogs, 3 winners. We’re back on track.

Current Record

** 2-0

*** 2-3

***** 0-2

So, to Recap

Giants +3 ½ ***

Oakland +2 **

New England +3 **

Anybody see Parco PI show, slick, very slick. Makes you wonder if someone is watching me.


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