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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$e$ – Week 4

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Ow, my legs, my legs.  I’m gonna have to get some crutches after my bookie finds me.  0-2, a Doughnut.  Ouch.  How did this happen?


The only bright spot to this was that I was driving to Philly on Sunday, and didn’t have to watch (and suffer through) the debacle of both teams.  Instead, I was able to enjoy the Jets trouncing of the Bills, and some nice Buffalo wings in Bethlehem PA.


To Recap – Detroit, this was their game, at 0-2, you have to want it and not go 0-3.  I thought the Detroit coaching was more intense than the Packers.  I was wrong.  And, New England – Tom Brady is Tom Terrible now.  He looked horrible.  Maybe the Jets do win the division…


OK – Now week 4 – Luckily, as I said before, we’re still playing with my bookie’s money.


Minny +1 @ Buffalo:  Buffalo started off fine, but then faded late.  Minny has been in every game they’ve played.  I’d bet on J.P.Losman making a mistake before I bet on Brad Johnson to made a foolish error.  So, in a close game, I like the Vikings, led by a disciplined coach.  Minny +1 ***


San Fran +7 @ Kansas City:  San Fran is a good team to back, they are well coached, and refuse to lie down and roll over.  Kansas City is still dazed from losing Trent Green, and 7 points is too many.  San Fran +7 ***


Miami -3.5 @ Houston: The Dolphins are not good.  The Texas are not good.  Take the home dog here, and watch Carr lead his team to their first victory.  Houston +3.5 ***


Green Bay +11 @ Philly: I like Brett Farve, I really do, but this will be an explosion by the Eagles here.  I was in Philly last night, and the city is revved up and waiting for this game.  There will be no mercy here, and the Eagles are an elite team this year.    Eagles -11 *****


It’s time for another perfect week, er, um, undefeated I mean.  4-0 would be excellent to erase last weeks memory from my bank account.


Philly -11 *****

Houston +3.5 ***

San Fran +7 ***

Minny =1 ***





Record ‘2006

** 0-0

*** 0-0

**** 7-2

***** 0-0



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