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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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OK, the train came off the tracks a bit this past weekend.  However, Vinnie managed to come out smelling like a rose, more on that later.


Last Week

The Bears defense refused to let Detroit get in the end-zone, but Chicago’s terrible offensive play calling kept them from winning this game outright.  At least we pushed, when you can keep the other team out of the endzone for an entire game, you usually win your bet.  At least we pushed with Chicago +2 against the lowly Lions.  PUSH


The Jets were lucky enough to cover in overtime, the Raiders actually showed up for a game.  Another PUSH


Pittsburgh clearly dominated Arizona, so that teaser won handily.  BUT, there was an issue in Indy/Jacksonville.  Indy’s defense was terrible, and Jacksonville’s rushing attack was excellent.  Lucky, at halftime, I HEDGED my bets.  That is, I took a 2nd half bet ON the Jaguars, with a chance I could win BOTH bets.  The score was 20-7 at halftime, BUT Indy was unable to stop Fred Taylor, and Marvin Harrison was hurt in the second quarter.  This made an incredible opportunity to bet on the Jaguars in the second half (@ pick).  At worst, I win one bet/lose one bet (Jacksonville +13, Indy -.5)  Unfortunately, the Jaguars, not only cover the 13, but won the game outright, so instead of a double win, I got a ANOTHER PUSH!  Unfortunately, for Vinnie readers, we have to count this as a LOSS. 


Second Half Lines

But, I’d like to point out that by using an online offshore sportsbook and a computer, you can bet on the second halves of games.  Let’s say you liked the Colts last week @ -5.5.  At halftime, they were winning 20-7, and the halftime line was Indy/Jag pick.  You could take the Jaguars, and effectively get 13 points.  They you would have Indy –5.5, and Jacksonvile +13.  So, there would be a spread of 7.5 points, whereby you could win BOTH bets.  Not a bad move.  Or, if you have bet on the Jags @ +5.5, you would probably really like the Jags at +13, so you could double up your bet.  Lots of possibilities, check out the halftime lines at for more details.


On to this weeks’ gems… 

New York Jets +6 @ Indianapolis:  The Jets don’t give up for coach Herm Edwards.  The Colts are in turmoil with Edge wanting the ball, Marvin Harrison wanting the ball, etc.  Take the points here.  Jets +6 (2 stars)


Arizona +6.5 @ Cleveland: Arizona didn’t give up last week against Pittsburgh.  Look for a backdoor cover against the Browns who just cut Kevin Johnson, and William Green returning from his bong hit week.  Arizona +6.5 (2 stars)


San Diego +7.5 @ Denver: Doug Flutie likes playing in the cold weather.  Jake Plummer might be back, but is he 100% healthy?  I like the way San Diego responded to Flutie, so take the points here.  San Diego +7.5 (2 stars)


That’s it for this week, three 2 star plays.


G’Luck Vinnie

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