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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Welcome Back.  Yep, Out of the hospital, I still have some debts to pay off, but hey, with two arms and legs (that aren’t broken), I should be able to pay off all the money I owe in the next, um, 30 years or so…


I’d like to thank cousin Mickey for taking over while I was, out of commission.  Now, in all seriousness, it’s time to make some REAL $$.  The last two weeks of the season have teams that play hard, and play to end the season.  The Giants are an example of a team that have packed it in.  Last year, the Saints packed it in.  Also, with playoff scenarios, sometimes games are meaningless.  The best situation is to find a playoff bound team, playing a meaningless game on the road.  That’s the #1 angle to look for.  Maybe there won’t be any this week, but keep looking, and there just might be a good angle here or there.


Anyways, onto the picks…


Denver +6.5 @ Indy.  OK, Here’s the situation, Clinton Portis is hurt, and could use a week off.  Why should Denver fight hard in this game?  They will have watched the earlier games, and seen Cincy lose, and perhaps Miami lose as well.  Maybe Baltimore will lose as well.  Those 3 teams all compete with Denver for a playoff spot, and those 3 teams all play on the road before the Denver game.   It wouldn’t surprise me to see Indy win the division here and make a statement.  In any case, Indy –6.5 ***


Atlanta +7 @ Tampa.  Atlanta on the road against the defending superbowl champs last home game.  Tampa still has a shot at the playoffs, Atlanta is playing for next year.  Guys, football is a team sport, and Tampa is a team, Atlanta is a bunch of guys showing off for their new coach.  Lay the 7 points, and take the home team.  Tampa –7 ***


KC –3 @ Minny.  KC wants to get on a playoff roll, and the Minny defenses are weak.  Minny can’t stop the run, and Priest Holmes is a monster.  Minny also has health questions at RB.  Normally, I’d go with the home team, but here, KC –3 ***


Miami +1 @ Buffalo.  Miami doesn’t play well in cold weather.  Buffalo will be up for this regardless of them being out of the playoffs.  Ricky Williams is dinged up, and Miami comes off a Monday night debacle.  Buffalo –1 ***


Washington +4 @ Chicago.  Washington gave up last week, and Chicago is still playing hard.  Will Washington show up on the road this week?  Chicago closes out it’s home games with a solid victory here to sell tickets for next year.  Chicago –4 ***


Detroit +10 @ Carolina.  Carolina won the division last week, and really can’t overtake Philly OR St. Louis to get a first round bye.  The best move is to get healthy and be ready for the playoffs.  That being said, 10 points is too many.  Plus, Detroit hasn’t won on the road for over 20 games.  Well folks, that streak has to end sometime.  Look for Detroit to come out and play inspired against the Panthers this week, and perhaps even pull off the upset.  Nope, Vinnie didn’t get a brain transplant in the hospital, he just thinks the Lions are due.  But, I’m not going to bet the farm on Detroit to win, just thinking that Detroit will do enough to cover the double digit point spread.  Plus, Mooch has said he intends to have Mike McMahon, the backup QB, see some action.  The kid is great at the backdoor cover.  Det +10 ***


New Orleans +1 @ Jacksonville.  Yes, New Orleans is still in the playoff hunt, but they also have distractions with Joe Horn and the cellphone, etc.  The last two years the Saints packed it in, in December.  Perhaps they will do it again.  The Jaguars have been playing very good ball lately, and I look for them to continue to play hard.  Value here is with Jacksonville, lay the points.  Plus, it’s their last home game, and they would like to drum up support (ticket sales), for next year.  Jags –1 ***



OK, That’s about it – I know, a lot, but we’re making up for lost time, and these ARE the best two weeks of my football betting season each year…  All 3 star picks.


In Summary:

Indy –6.5

Tampa –7

KC –3

Buf –1

Chicago –4

Det +10

Jags -1



G’Luck Vinnie!!

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