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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Hope you are ready and loaded for the regular season. I’m ready, at two books. and the local guy. Gotta have two outs, in case I can find a better line, a half point here, a half point there can really save your life…

OK, On to week 1 – What do we expect from this season?  First, Vinnie goes from 2 starts to 5 stars. I wouldn’t mortgage the house, but 5 star plays usually hit around 80% or better. They are rare, so when they happen, be sure to jump on them. Also, I hate playing a lot of games, just play the games you have an angle on. So, without any further ado, let’s move on to Week #1.

Atlanta –3.5 @ San Fran. Yes, Everyone is in love with Michael Vick, and he can win games on his own, but did you watch the Falcons in preseason? They looked terrible, with their first round draft pick rookie CB out for the start of the season, they are weak at CB too. Laying points on the road is tough enough, but in this game, the wrong team is favored. This game should be close to a pick’em. San Fran has a tough, no-brand-name defense, and solid QB play. Atlanta has the star, marque names. We shouldn’t see Atlanta blow SF out of the water here, Take the three and a half points to the bank. Best play of week 1. San Fran +3.5****

Baltimore – 3 @ Cleveland. Do you think Cleveland fans want to win this game, you bet. But, they don’t play in the games, Jamal Lewis, Kevin Johnson, and Deion Sanders DO play the games. All three of them plan to make a statement this week. Cleveland is in turmoil, and the Ravens blow them out here. Lay the FG. Baltimore –3***

OK, Just two quick winners this week, but pay attention to ALL the games this week, as often it takes awhile for the linemakers to catch up to solid underdog play at the start of the season. Jacksonville, and San Fran may be two good teams to back early in the year.

Hopefully, we’ll be 3-0 heading into week 2

Let’s keep track this year too

***** (0-0)
**** (0-0)
*** (0-0)
** (0-0)

G ‘Luck!

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