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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Still recovering from last week’s debacle of the Patriots. Got burned on Monday night, again. Vinnie will never chase profits again, I will never chase on Monday night again, I will never chase on Monday night again. Ah, it seemed so simple, just Parley the Pats to win on Monday night with many of my other bets. A Parley = bigger payout, and the Pats are a guaranteed win. Aw Crap – no guarantees in the NFL. I was so pissed, I asked the sexy female bartender to immediately remove Brady’s jersey cause he’s a bum. Two interceptions in the last two minutes. Give me a break.

Recapping last week, we did ok. We lost the 5 star lock for the first time, I now place the Broncos in the ‘they suck’ category, and will not be getting another penny of mine for the rest of the season. San Diego, Jacksonville, and Washington all covered easily. We did make a mistake with the Rams, as they faltered on the road. Very disappointed in the Rams, while they will get some money this week, I hope they make the playoffs so I can fade them.

Anyways, on to this weeks picks…

Atlanta +4.5 @ New Orleans: New Orleans need to win out to make the playoffs, Atlanta is not going to risk an injury to Vick, Dunn, or Crumpler. While, Atlanta may not roll over, they will not give a great effort on the road here. New Orleans coaching wants a big win at home, and this could be just the recipe. Also, if given a second half line, play NO in the second half. New Orleans –4.5 *****

Philly +3 @ St. Louis: Philly will NOT be motivated for this game as well. Play the second half big here as Philly just looks to get out of town without any more major injuries. St. Louis –3 *****

Carolina +3 @ Tampa Bay: Carolina will win this straight out. They almost won against Atlanta last week, and the team still believes. Tampa is bickering, and not disciplined. Caroline with a straight up win. Caroline +3 ***** Play the ##line for 3 stars as well.

OK Folks – 3 big plays to get everyone back on track. Let’s have a Merry Christmas, and go 3-0 on three FIVE star plays. If you can double up on the halftime lines, do it, Philly, and Atlanta will be on the road, unmotivated, and resting for the playoffs.

Keeping Score…
***** (3-1)
**** (1-1)
*** (14-8-1)
** (3-1)


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