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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Final Week – This is THE week to break your bookie.  We’re back in the saddle and riding high again.  Easily won 2 or 3 last week, and I look for a HUGE final week as there are MANY teams that will not be bringing their A game this week.


First, to recap last week, San Fran gets an A+ for effort, who would have thought they’d win outright?  Well, they not only covered, but knocked themselves out of the Reggie Bush sweepstakes.  And, Philly disappointed, but Seattle man-handled the confused Indy team, that did not have their hearts and heads in the game.


So, let’s pick on some road teams that have NOTHING to play for. (And one home team worried about injuries)


Denver +11 @ San Diego:  Eleven points is a lot, but the Broncos will be resting their starters.  San Diego wants to win to improve their record, and look better after the crushing loss @ KC last week.  Lay the points here.  As a bonus, parlay San Diego -600 on the money line with every play you make this week. As a double bonus, Bet on San Diego in the second half, as they play hard for the last 30 minutes of their season while Denver plays to avoid injury.  San Diego -11 *****


Chicago +4.5 @ Minny: Same Analysis as Denver/San Diego Game.  Same rules apply.  Bet Minny big, Minny Second Half Big, and Minny money-line (-210) for all bets.  Chicago will play to avoid injury, and Minny will play for their free agent contracts.  Minny -4.5 *****


Miami +5.5 @ New England: New England suffered a scare with Teddy Bruschi last week.  With the injury plagued season New England has had, don’t expect them to play their starters the whole game here.  Take Miami +5.5 for three starts, Miami money line +200 for three stars, and Miami second half for 5 stars.  Miami +5.5 ***


Seattle +5 @ Green Bay: This could be Farve’s last home game as a packer.  The Packers will not lose as Seattle rests their starters.  Take Green Bay -5 ***, Green Bay moneyline -210, and Green Bay in the second half.


That’s is for 2005 guys.  4 Easy, Easy Winners.  Play them all hard.  Parlay them all.  Play the second halves.  Pound your bookie.  I will be!


San Diego -11 *****

San Diego (2nd Half time during the game *****)

Minny -4.5 *****

Minny (2nd half line available during the game *****)

Miami +5.5 ***

Miami Moneyline +200 ***

Miami (2nd half line available during the game *****)

Green Bay -5 ***

Green Bay (2nd half line available during the game *****)


Parley San Diego -600, Minny -210, Green Bay -210 on all your bets to triple your winnings.  For Instance Miami +5.5 Parleyed with the 3 games above would pay $40 on a $10 bet.



See you in Vegas!


Current Record

** 8-6

*** 7-5

***** 2-3




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