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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

Wahooo.  Hit the trifecta last week!   Not at the races, but against the man.  All my plays covered last week, EASILY.  None of the games were even close, you were on the right side if you bet on my plays.  Now me got some spending money for Vegas!!!  Texas Holdem, watch out, there’s a new sheriff in town.  Until then, it’s time to make even more money this week.  It’s been a profitable season, but it’s not over yet.


Washington +9.5 @ Seattle:  Tough game to handicap here.  Washington has been on such a roll, and Brunell is a native Washington state guy.  Seattle is well rested, and well coached.  Their QB Hassleback has some playoff experience.  Seattle will be pumped up, Clinton Portis is not 100%, and I look for a blowout win here.  Seattle -9.5 **


Patriots +3 @ Denver: Tom Brady or Jake Plummer?  Jake is known for mistakes, and his play action roleouts will NOT fool the Patriots.  The Pats are healthier this time, and you won’t need the points here.  Pats +3 ***


Pittsburgh +9.5 @ Indy:  Indy has been preparing for this game, and Peyton Manning should be able to read the film and tear apart the Steelers secondary.  As I said last week, Bill Cowher is a terrible playoff coach, and the question is not if, but when the Steelers lose.  This is the week but will they lose by more than 9.5 points?  Yes!  Peyton pads his playoff stats, and Big Ben makes more mistakes than Peyton here.  Indy -9.5 **


Panthers +3 @ Chicago:  If you like tough, defensive battles, this is a good game to watch.  The Bears beat up Jake Delhomme and the Panthers in the first matchup, will it happen again?  Rex Grossman leads the Bears, and is healthy as well.  I have to go with the team with the more experienced QB and take the points in an expected close game.  Panthers +3**


So, one major play on the Pats (try the money line too), and three smaller plays.  Next week, Mickey will be back as I’ll be lurking around sports books on the Vegas Strip looking for inside tips.  Make sure to check back before the superbowl for a plethora of props.


Seattle -9.5 **

New England +3 ***

Indy -9.5 **

Panthers +3 **


Current Record

** 9-6

*** 10-5

***** 4-4




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