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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Not a bad week last week, let’s do a quick review.


Last Week


Washington +3 at Atlanta:  Clearly, Doug Johnson wants to show up his old coach.  Likewise, the Falcons owner lowers his prices to get a sold out stadium.  Atlanta’s defense can put pressure on second year Ramsey.  The Redskins won the last game because Vinnie couldn’t (wouldn’t) throw downfield.  Doug Johnson is NOT handicapped like that.  Atlanta –3

Clearly, Atlanta’s Pass defense is terrible.  Won’t be laying points with them anytime soon. Washington however, might make an excellent dog in the future.


Houston +8.5 @ New Orleans:  New Orleans may be in trouble this year.  David Carr and the Texans played a great game, and have built confidence now.  Take the Points.  Houston +8.5

Not really sure what happened here, but New Orleans turned it up a notch in the second half at home.  New Orleans applied pressure to Carr, and he wrecked the Texans undefeated season.


Pittsburgh +3 @ Kansas City: Yes Priest Holmes is back, but so is Tommy Maddox.  Pittsburgh’s Cowher usually plays well in KC.  Take the points.  Pitt +3

Pittsburgh couldn’t contain Priest Holmes, and the KC Defense stepped up and pressured Tommy Maddox.


Carolina +9.5 @ Tampa: Yes, Tampa looked great on National TV last week, and they shut out Philly on the Road, but Carolina is a comeback team (last week against the Jags).  Too many Points for a team with a Monday Night hangover.  Carolina +9.5

Carolina played Smash mouth football and actually won outright.  Nice way to start the Bye week off.  Easy Win.  I found Carolina +10 before the kickoff at one of my 3 books, and boosted my action.  What a great week!!!


Minny –9 @ Chicago:  Minny’s home opener, Normally, I’d go for the points here, but Chicago was SOOO bad last week.  Plus, Chicago has a bye next week, perfect time to fire your coach because you’ll have two weeks to replace him.  Almost feels like a trap game, that’s why this is only 3 stars.  Minny –9

Minny was not to be denied.  Randy Moss drew the CB’s attention, and Culpepper directed an easy win.  Surprisingly, Kordell did not make a ton of mistakes, but Minny controlled the game from the first touch.  Easy Win.


Dallas +7.5 @ New York Giants: Quincy didn’t look very good in the second half, BUT The Giants let Kurt Warner self destruct on way to beating the Rams.  Not sold on the Giants yet, and more than a TD is TOO many points.  Take Dallas +7.5, as Monday Night footballs games are supposed to be closer than last week’s Tampa blowout.

Dallas played 100% and even held on for the win.  As I said before, Dallas will make an excellent dog, but a terrible favorite.



This Week


Jets +6.5 @ New England.  New England’s Home opener.  Jets haven’t shown much lately with Vinnie at the Helm.  The Line of 6.5 almost teases you to take NE.  but, I think Herm Edwards team does NOT pack it in for the popular coach.  I like Vinatieri to win a close game, so I like a TEASE here from 6.5 to –5 on the Pats.  The Pats have too many offensive WR weapons for Jets to diffuse, and Ted Washington can stop the run.  Can’t play on the Jets here (as they really do stink), but I don’t think they will go down without a fight (So, I can’t lay the lumber 6.5 with the Pats).  So, this is the first part of a Teaser.


GB –8 @ AZ.  Newsflash, The Arizona Cardinals stink.  Yep, if Detroit’s Joey Harrington can throw 4 TD’s against the AZ defense, and Seattle’s Hasselbeck can tear it up, what do you think Favre will do???  But, a Home Dog can bite, maybe not win this, as Favre is famous for his 4th Qtr comebacks, so just ‘Tease’ this game to GB –2, and even if GB wins by a FG, you win your teaser bet.


So, Bet #1 (And Strongest bet on the board)  (4 Stars)

NE – 6.5 (+6) =NE – 1/2

GB –8 (+6)  =GB -2


St. Louis +3 @ Seattle.  Seattle is coming off a smoking win over the Lowly Cardinals, and St. Louis escaped the 49ers.  Seattle heads into a bye next week as well.  Seattle’s defense has been playing very well, and St. Louis starts Marc Bulger on the road.  Lay the points here, Seattle will be 3-0 heading into their bye.  Seattle –3  (3 Stars)


Tampa –4 @ Atlanta.  Normally, I’d like the home dog here, but I’ve been on the right side of TB all year.  This time, Gruden gets in their heads, and they play a near perfect division game.  Tampa has a bye the following week, and I’m sure the players don’t want Gruden in their face screaming for the next two weeks. Tampa –4 
(2 Stars)


Buffalo +3 @ Miami.  Another road team here, Buffalo.  Drew Bledsoe looks comfortable, and is familiar with the Miami Defense.  3 points is 3 too many here. Miami beat the hapless Jets, let’s see what happens here.  Buffalo +3  (2 Stars)


Kansas City –7.5 @ Houston.  More than a TD.  Home opener for Texans.  David Carr is not that bad, and KC is due for a letdown.  Take the Points.  Houston +7.5 (1 Star)


New York Giants +2.5 @ Washington.  I still don’t think Washington is that good, and the Giants have a bye week the following week.  You get some value with the +2.5 as division games are normally close.  Take the points.  Giants +2.5 (1 Star)


To Recap

NE (-.5) and GB (-2) Teaser

Seattle –3

Tampa –4

Buffalo +3

Houston +7.5

Giants +2.5


Big Plays on NE/GB Teaser, and Seattle –3.



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