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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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A very bad week for Vinnie.  Vinnie’s about to get a second job to pay for all his losses last week. The icing on the cake was the Tampa game.  An easy winner, tossed away by a couple big plays in the last minutes of the game.  The Steelers in the second half also killed POOR Vinnie.


What does the ‘Steelers’ in the second half mean anyway?  Well, instead of reviewing last week atrocities, let’s look at second half betting.  Last week, the Steelers were –7 against the Browns (for the whole game).  I liked the Steelers, but I didn’t want to lay 7 points with the Steelers.  At half time, the Steelers were trailing by 13, and the second half line as Steelers –6.5.  That essentially made the Steelers +6.5 Home Dogs.  I figured for SURE they would (with the sure hands of Plexico and Hines), get a backdoor freebie TD at the end.  And, the Steelers would come back and might win the game.  Alas, Tim Couch played like Joe Montana, and the Browns NEVER looked back.  OUCH.  Killed over HALF my bankroll on this one play.  Smart lesson; don’t bet too much on any one game.  Reminds me of the SAME lesson I learned last year when I bet on the Steelers against the Texans in the second half last year.


OK, On to this week, very shaken…  But, there is hope!!!


Let’s go for $9,000 on a $5 bet

Sportsbetting.com now permits $5 12 team parleys!!!  That pays out at 1800 to 1, so let’s take a flyer on their 12 team $5 Parley to make $9,000 bucks and get it all back in one shot!


Pats –3

Tampa –3

Browns –3

Carolina +3

Chiefs +1.5

Houston +10

Chicago +5.5

Eagles +1

New York +2.5

Pittsburgh +7

Arizona +5.5

Rams -11


Best Plays of the week

Jets +2.5  Going with the hometown Gang Green this week.  Time to get off the snide. Jets +2.5


Pittsburgh +7 Can’t possible be as bad as they looked last week, right??? Steelers +7


Good Luck with your 12 team $5 parlay.  I could use the extra cash about now as I chase my losses…



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