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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Week 8 was solid week again.  Hope you guys followed Vinnie and did well.


Last Week

The 5 Star Carolina/New Orleans game was a little scary, but the better team (Panthers), prevailed, and pulled it out.


The Ravens Killed the quarterback-less Broncos, and the Giants managed to win outright as an underdog against the previously undefeated Vikings!


The only poor selection was the Steelers against the Rams.  The Steelers are playing terrible ball lately, and it will be a while before I back them at home again.  Likewise, the Rams have never really done well outside on the road, but we’ll see what happens the next time the Rams are in that situation.


Do you know about Teasers?

Before I go on to this weeks gems, I’d like to talk about Teasers. A Teaser is a parlay in which you take more points or lay fewer points than the line, thus adjusting the point spread in your favor. However your payout odds are reduced when you do this.


Did you know that many Vegas sportsbooks REFUSE teasers now!  Yep, a Casino turning away money.  Why is that you might ask?  Well, here’s why.  The handicappers are too good at determining the accurate point spreads, therefore too many teasers were winning. 


It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to know that most games are won by 3, 4, 6 or 7 points.  So, if you find a game where a team is getting 2 points, you can TEASE (+6) that underdog (+2), to +8.  You then cross the 3, 4, 6, 7 common victory spreads.


Also, when you bet with your local bookie, often ties LOSE on teasers.  That makes teasers MUCH more profitable for the small bookie.  But, when you bet on the internet, TIES Reduce Teasers.  That is, if you bet a 3 team teaser, and one of the teams ties, you don’t automatically lose, you move to the 2 team teaser that’s left!  If you bet a 2 team teaser, and one of the sides ties, you push with a win, or lose with a loss. 


Check out my friends at for more detailed rules on their teasers.  They even offer 10 point teasers, so you can take a favorite (-2), tease them 10 points to +8, and jump over the common 3, 4, 6, and 7 final score spreads!


This Week

In fact, I like teasers so much, this week, I have a 2 team teaser that will win (4 stars)


New England +2 @ Denver: Tease this to New England (+8), Monday Night football needs a close game for ratings, and Denver’s QB position is shaky right now.


Jacksonville +7 @ Baltimore: Tease this to Baltimore (-1).  Baltimore should win at home, and confuse the rookie QB Leftwich.


I also like Chicago –2.5 with the visiting Chargers. Chandler has a lot more experience than Brees.  Plus, San Diego is confused right now.


I like Dallas –4 against the Redskins, as the Cowboys are disciplined, and coming off a loss, while the Redskins are arguing amongst themselves.


To Recap

New England (+2), +8 AND Baltimore (-7), -1 TEASER (4 STARS)

Chicago –2.5 (2 STARS)

Dallas –4 (2 STARS)


G’Luck Vinnie!

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