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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Conference Championships

Hit the trifecta last week as ALL 3 of our selections covered. I was VERY hesitant to make the all underdog plays last week as all of the favorites had extra rest on their side, but it was the right move. Not very popular, but very profitable!   I’m here in Vegas, and the work on the strip is where the public money is flowing. More on that in a second.

Let’s recap: The Colts not only kept it close, they won outright. The Ravens really disappointed, especially their offense. The Eagles and Garcia kept it close, and hung around just like the writeup predicted. Eventually, the New Orleans team was able to put them away. Seattle likewise, not only kept it close, but pushed the game to overtime. And, finally, the Patriots eliminated the superbowl favorite chargers with some luck near the end of the game.

OK onto this week:

Patriots +3 @ Indy: Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning, again. Will Tom be terrific, or will Peyton finally get his ring?  This game will obviously come down to the final possession, and it will be Automatic Adam V versus his rookie replacement Stephan G. Folks, the public money here on the Vegas strip is on the sentimental ‘Get Peyton a ring’. That’s why I’m going with the Pats +3 in a tight game down to the last minute. Pats +3***

Saints +2 @ Chicago: This game will be a blowout. Rex will finally have a career game and pump some excitement into the Superbowl. The Bears defense will finally hit on all cylinders and shut down an offense. How do I know this? Because all the public money is on the sentimental Saints to get to the Superbowl. I’ve talked with my connections in the windy city, and this game has blowout written all over it. Have to go with the home team here, Chicago -2 ***

I’ll be watching the game from Mandalay Bay Sportsbook – I’ll be the guy cashing tickets after the Bears game!

New England +3 ***
Chicago -2 ***


Record ‘2006
*** 13-8
**** 9-5
***** 4-4
(10*) 1-2


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