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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Divisional Playoffs

Playoff Time

Great Football this week, highlighted by the Patriots at the Chargers. I’m actually flying out to Las Vegas, and have a Saturday evening flight.  At first, I cringed in pain realizing I would be ‘in the air’ and unable to watch the games from 5pm -11pm EST. Then, I remembered I’m flying JetBlue! God Bless Jet Blue and their DIRECT TV. My new favorite airline, for those of you who have flown Jet Blue, you will agree, the DIRECT TV in every seat rocks!

Enough of the free advertising, but I’m just now realizing how lucky I am to have booked on their airline this trip. In any case, let’s take a look at the games.

Indy +4 @ Baltimore: McNair is a playoff winner, Peyton is a perennial playoff loser. Take a rested up McNair to beat the Colts in the final minute. This should be a very close game, so I’m hesitant to lay any points. No Opinion

Philly +5 @ New Orleans: Philly is definitely on a roll, but New Orleans is ready and rested. Both teams have fine QB play, but the Eagles should be able to hang around. Take the Eagles and the points. Philly +5 ***

Seattle +8 ½ @ Chicago: Seattle has solid QB play and playoff experience, Chicago doesn’t. Chicago’s QB might not be able to take advantage of Seattle’s weakness, the secondary. Chicago does have a good defense which will keep Chicago in the game. Again, I’ll take the points here in a close game. Seattle +8 ½ ***

New England +4 ½ @ San Diego: San Diego is the favorite this year to win it all, and LT is the most dominant running back in the league. San Diego is rested, but the Patriots will be prepared. Look for Brady to keep it close, and win it in the final minute in a huge upset. Take the points with New England +4 ½ ***

Three Road Playoff dogs, but remember, in the playoffs, anything can happen. The Steelers won on the road last year, and there should be at least one or two upsets this weekend.

Vinnie’s off the Vegas, but will be hitting his inside sources and dropping the dime on the inside track for the AFC and NFC Championship games next week. Make sure to check back for the juicy information from the Vegas Strip.

Until then, I’ll be hanging out at the Mandalay Bay Sports Book, ready to cash in on my three, three star winners.

Philly +5
Seattle +8 ½
New England +4 ½


Record ‘2006
*** 10-8
**** 9-5
***** 4-4
(10*) 1-2


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