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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Final Preseason Week

OK, With the picks from the previous preseason weeks, Vinnie is barely keeping his head above water.   But wait!   This week, there is a miracle game, to cure your losses, and get your regular season started in the right direction. This week sports a BIG game, decided by two touchdowns, not the field goal line the public is betting.

Houston +3.5 @ Tampa
Tampa’s QB rotation is better than Houston’s, plus historically, Houston doesn’t do well in preseason. Take Tampa, and lay the points, comfortably.

Tampa -3.5 ***

Cleveland +1.5 @ Chicago
Bears defense is decent, and the offense will no longer have bad Chad pretending to be the QB of the Bears. The Browns are more interested in preparing for the regular season opener. Chicago -1.5 ***

Pittsburgh +3 @ Carolina
Pittsburgh’s running game is hurting.  It will be hard for them to run down the clock.  Carolina likes to win these preseason games. Second road game for Pittsburgh, look for the Panthers as the sharp play here. Carolina -3 ***** (A five star winner)

Tampa -3.5 ***
Chicago -1.5 ***
Carolina -3 *****

One five star winner this week, as Carolina runs through the Pittsburgh defense.



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