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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – I’m Back for Week 10!

OK, back in business, picked up my cash in the Bahamas and met some hot mama’s.  I really needed a vacation.  If you need to reload at, make sure to ask for their 10% bonus.  This is my best handicapping time of the year, and I’m ready to start running the board.  Jump on board, and make your bank account grow.  [No more teasers for me either – they just look sooo tempting]


A big thanks goes out to my cousin Mickey.  Did pretty well while I was gone.  Then he starting complaining about getting nothing but a damn tee-shirt.  Life goes on ‘ole pal of mine.


Enough in the past, let’s move onto the future – winners in week 10, including a 5* winner!


Houston +9 @ Indy: Indy did just enough to win on Monday night, and should do the same with their Monday night hangover this week.  Take Houston in a divisional dogfight. Houston +9 ****


Giants –2 @ Cardinals : Giants may have a QB controversy, and it gets real hot in the 2nd half in Phoenix.  Take the live home dog here to pull off the upset.  The Giants have injury problems, and the Cardinals love their home cooking.  Cards +2 *****



Bet the farm on the Texans, and the house on the Cards.  You can always sleep in the hospital if (both lose) and you need a bed and a roof over your head.


We’re still above 500, and shooting for more.  I need to win to take another vacation.



Finally, the first 5* play of the season! 

And a 4* to boot


Keeping Score…

***** (0-0)

**** (1-0)

*** (7-6)

** (1-1)



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