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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Preseason #1

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Hey Guys – enjoy the off-season?  I did, especially the superbowl, where I had taken the Pats on the $$ line via a future, and the Panthers with the points.  I was a double winner, and laughed all the way to the bank!


So, what’s going to happen this year – We’ll I’m certainly still using the same book this year,  I broke the bank and they still paid!  So, why move to anywhere else?


So, speaking of starting the season, time for Vinnie’s first plays of the year.  I hate to bet futures, usually only 1 or 2 where I see some value, and frankly, I don’t see much value anymore.


Take $10 on Jacksonville @ 45-1   If they get to the superbowl, it’s a home game.  Their have solid coaching, and in the NFL anything can happen. The Ravens are 17-1, and extra year for the QB, and a great defense and running game.  Tough team, 17-1 is too high.  Take $20 on Baltimore


OK – Enough of my ‘fun’ throwaway money – time for the preseason.  Preseason games have different motivations for different teams.  Take, for example the Baltimore/Atlanta preseason game.  Atlanta’s coach is a head coach for his first game.  He is more concerned with getting plays out to the QB, and not getting Vick killed.  Exploring talent is high on his todo list since he has a bunch of new players.


Brian Billick wants to see Kyle Boller make a lot of reads, and see who wants to play defense and hit hard on his team.  Ray Lewis even inspires the potential cut draft pick.  This game is a no-brainer.  Take Baltimore, lay the 3 ½ and start your season off with an EASY win. 


Baltimore –3 ½ ****


Also, take Jacksonville +140 on the money line against Miami (they seem a bit confused lately, go wonder)


Jacksonville +140 **


That’s it for Vinnie this week – Remember, make sure to get a good bonus when you reup with this season.


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