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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Preseason Week 2

I hope everyone saved some of their winnings from last year’s remarkable playoff run, because we have some nice opportunities in the preseason.

Fantasy Sharks has invited me back for another year, so I must be doing something right. And, I still have some money left on the sportsbook after some bad poker beats.

If we recall from last year’s preseason, some teams come to play, others just go through the motions. Some coaches want to win all of the games, some coaches just care about winning home games, and some coaches just want to evaluate talent. Based on this, I’m going with only one game this weekend with an angle worth wagering on. One easy winner – just keep reading.

New Orleans +3 @ Patriots:
It’s the Patriots first home game since winning the Superbowl. Do you think the crowd will be into the game? Boston’s Golden Boy (original version, not the Brady type), will be playing for the Pats for the first time in 16 years. Doug Flutie is a MUCH better game player than practice player, and lives for these types of opportunities. I know, he’s 43, but he’s solid. Now, let’s get back to the Saints QB rotation. Brooks, we know about, but I expect a lot of time from Adrian McPhearson. Yep, the same guy who lined up behind the GUARD last week instead of the Center. The Saints have a lot of talent to evaluate. I just can’t see them really playing to win this. Although the Saints did get blown out at home last week, and could bounce back, but I ain’t gonna back the Saints!

So, lay the Points with the Pats, should be a fun game to watch. A Four Star Game ****

Pats -3 ****


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