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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 1

What a great time of year, NFL Kickoff. I was just starting to get used to watching Parco P.I. on CableTV, and now, nothing but football for the next 9 months.

Vinnie’s been quite busy in the off season with some huge multi-million dollar deals, and now it’s time to get back to this book’s best sport. Forced both my business partners to retire, even though they weren’t ready. Helped my brother Rocco to ‘bury his past’. Now’s it’s time to be legit (Offshore bookmakers are more legal than my other illicit activities). Check out www.sportbetting.com for more details.

Clean the slate. No wins, no losses, let’s go 48-0 this year. Average three picks a week, and lose none. OK, maybe that’s not believable, but some people fall for that line and actually call those 1-900 numbers. Well, this year, you’re in luck, my column is FREE, and the last two years have been well over 70% winners, so keep reading. I work on a Star basis.  So I might bet $20 on a 2 star, and $30 on a 3 star, $50 on a 4 star, and $100 on a 5 star game (Rare, probably a half dozen a season)

The first week holds many clues, as many teams are better or worse than advertised, and the betting public doesn’t catch up with the important stats until much later in the season. Therefore, while there are some decent plays this week, next week brings some great action, so make sure to check back next week.

Now, on to the picks – Week 1

Cincinnati -3.5 @ Cleveland: Cleveland stinks.  They have a new coach, and the public is high on the Bengals this year. Don’t be sucked in! Trent Dilfer is a winning QB, and Romeo is a winning coach. The Bengals are often called the Bungles for a reason. Take the 3.5 points to the bank as the Browns easily cover, if not win outright. Browns +3.5 ***

Tampa +6 @ Minny: Minny is now without Randy Moss. Is that a negative or a positive. Before we bet on the ‘new look’ Vikes, I’d rather bet against them. Tampa is a decent team to back, and, I could easily see a backdoor cover if necessary. I’d bet on a Jon Gruden team over a Mice Tice team anyday. Tampa +6 **

Dallas +4.5 @ San Diego: San Diego is without Antonio Gates, and Parcells is a competitive, winning coach. Take the points, as this should be a close game. Settled by a missed field goal in the final minute. Dallas +4.5 ***

So, to Recap

Tampa +6 **
Browns +3.5 ***
Dallas +4.5 ***

Three dogs, let’s start 3-0


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