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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 12

I may have to change my name and start living under the witness protection program.  With the picks I made last week, it’s clear my bookie will be trying to track me down this week and not the other way around.

I’ve been watching Prison Break (the TV show on Fox), and taking notes, so I’m ready to hide in the big house, and break out when my pigskin picking turns for the better. Plus, I can’t afford a Turkey this Thanksgiving, with all my betting losses. Mickey, if you’re reading this, and you don’t hear back from me next week, you’ll know something happened…

Let’s Recap:

San Fran +12 : Ken Dorsey is a winner, ride him as long as the public thinks the 49ers are the worst team in football. The public is wrong!

Houston +7: Houston is the worst team in football. USC could beat them. David Carr needs to take a ride north of Houston to the Canadian Football League. Dang, the Texans suck. Great spot too, National TV appearance, you would have thought the Texans would give a solid effort. Will not make the mistake of EVER betting on the Texans again this year.

Philly +7.5: McMahon played solid, and almost got us the backdoor cover, but Eli decided to boost his stats, and Plaxico looked like a man among boys. This game hurt, and Philly season depended on this game, their defense let them down.

Turkey Week Football:

Atlanta -3 @ Detroit : Atlanta has something to play for, Detroit is looking towards next year. Detroit still has secondary problems and the NFL wants to hype Michael Vick. Atlanta -3 ***

Giants +5 @ Seattle:  Maybe Seattle was looking past San Fran, but the Giants should be very competitive in this game, and at worst, Eli connects for the back door cover here.  G-Men +5 ***

So, we have two 3 stars game. Next week there’s one game I have my eye on, so make sure to check back for the play of the year. I might even sell a couple pints of blood this week to raise more money for next week’s 5 star pick.

Current Record
** 6-5
*** 5-5
***** 0-3

So, to Recap
Atlanta -3 ***
Giants +5 ***


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