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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 13

Well folks, we split our picks (1-1) last week,
good for the books winning their juice, bad for us.

  Its Christmas time, and Vinnie’s in the mood
for giving.

  No, not giving my hard
earned cash away to the man, but rather, giving of his wealth of knowledge
regarding football picks here late in the season.


This is do or die time for many football teams
regarding their season.

  It’s time to put
up their best performance, or shut down for the rest of the year.

  Fade the teams that shut down, and jump on
the teams that shift into a higher gear in December.


+7 @ Indy:

  SuperBowl Champs – That’s what


is thinking.

  This is the Jaguars

  This is their season.

  The Jags need to beat Indy.

  Indy is beat up, and the Jags smell

  Indy is coasting towards the
second slot in the AFC playoffs with a bye, and trying to get healthy.

  The Jags are playing every down, 60 minutes
of football.

  Take the points with the
Jaguars, in an easy 5 star lock.



+7 *****



(pick) @





gave the game
away in overtime last week.

  Kurt Warner
returned for form tossing for almost 500 yards.



secondary is even worse, and I’m sure that Warner and friends can take care of
business in the secondary.

  Don’t forget,
the coach of


used to coach with the Steelers, and knows the Browns well.

  Look for


to play hard and
get the win here at home, as they still have a chance to make the NFC playoffs.



(pick) *****


Game of the Year:

New England

-20.5 @ Baltimore:

  Yes, this is a HUGE Spread, on a nationally
televised game.



doesn’t have the offense (especially against the solid Pats D) to keep up with Brady,
Moss, and company on the scoreboard.

Look for Tom Terrific to toss for 4-5 TD’s and return to their form of
blowing out opponents after last week’s scare with Philly.

  The Pats had a spirited week of practice,
with renewed vigor as they almost were upset last week.

  This week’s game will be VERY different.

  You can go to bed at halftime, because this
game ain’t gonna be close.

  Lay the
points with the best team in the NFL, that comes to work in a businesslike
fashion on Monday night.

  By the third
quarter, the announcers will be talking about undefeated seasons, and the
remaining schedule for the Patriots.

the points!

Pats -20.5


OK Vinnie readers, Two Five-Star picks for this
weekend, and one GAME OF THE YEAR!

just about due for a huge, undefeated weekend.

My sources say the public money is on Indy and Cleveland, and so we’re
on the right sides there.

  The New
England game is a freebie – free money from the sport books this week, the
Ravens will NOT be competitive in that game.

Oh, and as things turn out, I’m in town, and meeting up with my friends
at FantasySharks for a couple brews at my club Monday night.



+7 *****


(pick) *****

Pats -20.5




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