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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 13

Wow – The last couple weeks since my ‘sabbatical’ has resulted in HUGE profits. Hope you’ve come along for the ride, and invested in Vinnie. We are winning on the point spread, on the money line, upside down, and all-over. The folks at might be putting out a contract on me.

Running the table, hitting the big plays, and even a bunch of little plays. Not to gloat, but Vinnie has hit 2 5-star plays the last two weeks. I really hope you loaded up. Hung out with my brother in-law Rocco and told him he should have been reading my site, he would be collecting $$ instead of paying his guy each week. Rocco replied he was too busy dumping his 30-something annoying wife for a hot new 20-something model. Guess we’re both lucky, but I digress…

To Recap:

Dallas blew away Chicago as Parcells did not let his team lost on Thanksgiving day in front of a national audience, and Chiacgo’s offense was just as bad as I had seen the last couple weeks. Easy 5-star win!

Philly blew away the Giants, this game was never in doubt as McNabb performed spectacularly, and the Philly defense beat up on Eli Manning’s second start. Easy 3 star win.

Cincy sealed the win over Cleveland in a very, messy ballgame. Kelly Holcomb rallied the Cleveland offense, but the Cleveland defense let them down. Rudi ran for over 200 yards. Easy win, but the cover was a nailbiter.

On to this week…
Let’s keep the 5-star streak alive, this week, Vinnie loves Carolina over New Orleans. The key to this game is Carolina’s QB Jake. A Native New Orleans guy, and ex-Saint, he’s ready to play this week. Carolina with the upset win – take it to the bank Car +1 *****

Dallas +7 @ Seattle: Seattle coming off an embarrassing home loss, and Dallas a dominating Thanksgiving win. Lay the points as Seattle works hard this week, and Dallas falls apart. Seattle -7 ***

Indy at home over Tenn. Colts – 10.5 Normally, in a division ballgame, I’d take the points, but Tenn is hurting at CB, and Peyton is trying to break the passing TD Record. Lay the points here. Indy -10.5 **

OK – So three plays this week, Car +1, Seattle -7, and Indy -10.5.

Let’s keep the winning alive – A Solid year so far, let’s push it, and break our bookie by the end of the year. Better win at before they run out of money…

Keeping Score…
***** (2-0)
**** (1-1)
*** (12-6-1)
** (1-1)


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