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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 14

Back from hiding – After blowing my 10 star biggest play of the year, I had to hide out down in Atlanta for a week.  Athens, Georgia actually, a very fun place.  Drank my misery away with 99 cent pints at the college bars all week long.  Well, while I was hanging around the University of Georgia, I realized that studying can pay off.  I’ve talked to my inside contacts, and studied the stats, and worked hard for this weeks picks.  Frankly, because I need those picks to pan out, and because I can’t donate blood or platelets for another 60 days.  The experimental lab tests near college campus pay well, but you can only do them so often, however, I digress…


While, I won’t go out on a limb this week (cause I can’t afford to lose another limb) with a 10* game (Although I promise one each of the last two weeks of the season, as one team quits, and one team comes to play), I have a couple better than average plays.


New England -3.5 @ Miami:  Miami has shown to be a thorn in the Patriots side.  The Dolphins usually play tight games against the Patriots.  The Patriots defense is not fully healthy right now, so take the fish.  Dolphins +3.5 ***


Tennessee (pick) @ Houston: If the Titans can beat the Colts, then the Titans should kill the Texans.  Bottom Line: Vince Young is a winner, David Carr is familiar with losing.  Easy play here, and Houston moves closer to a top draft pick.  Tenn pick ***


New Orleans +7 @ Dallas:  Dallas is good, but might have a letdown after a key divisional game last week.  A touchdown is too much to ask here.  New Orleans may have some injuries at wide receiver, but Drew Brees will find someone to catch the ball.  Too many points here, take New Orleans +7 ***


OK – Three games to play this week.  Been a rough year so far, but we’re starting to enter the profitable stretch run.

Miami +3.5 ***

Tenn (pick) ***

New Orleans +7 ***




Record ‘2006

*** 2-7

**** 9-5

***** 2-2

(10*) 0-1

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