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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 15

Sorry about last week folks, got trapped in an icestorm in Dallas.  Anyone ever try using their hotel room keycard to scrape ice off a frozen windshield.  Plus, people in Texas can’t handle the snow (except for Michael Irvin of course J )


OK, On to week 15, this is time for the money run.  Last you recall, we hit with our 5 star game as Washington killed St. Louis a couple weeks back.  I liked Jacksonville last week to stay within the points of Indy, but never got to post my pick.  Of course, at least I was able to bet it at sportsbetting.com, even on the road.


This week has some easy, one sided games.  Some teams care, and some teams are just going through the motions.  Let’s start with


San Diego +8 @ Indy: Yep, Indy has nothing left to play for, and San Diego is desperate.  San Diego has talent, and Indy may be resting their key players.  Take a desperate San Diego team to cover the number here, and perhaps pull off the upset.  San Diego +8 *****


If you want to be uber aggressive, parley the San Diego +8 with Miami money line -420.  Miami will beat the Jets without Curtis Martin.  Miami’s coach will be coaching the Dolphins in 2006, where will Herm Edwards be???


That’s it for this week, one five star winner.  This week has some halftime wagering edges as some teams will pack it in, especially on the road as they have zero playoff inspiration, and often the coaches are lame ducks.  Let’s see how this week plays out first.


Just one pick, the second easiest win of the year

San Diego +8 (Parleyed with the Miami -420) *****


Current Record

** 6-5

*** 7-5

***** 1-3





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