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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 17

I’m a rich man! Undefeated last week. 3-0, plus a money-line hit on one of the 5-star games with a underdog. Definitely ending the season on a high note. I don’t need to count the Carolina $$ line game on the Scorecard below, but that +125 paid off very nicely.

To Recap: Atlanta (and Mike Vick), didn’t bother showing up to play the game, Philly mailed it in when before the game, Westbrook was going to be held out, and Carolina responded with a lot more heart and destroyed the bickering Buccaneers.

Last week capped off one of the BEST seasons I’ve ever had. I really hope many of you guys went along for the ride. But wait, the ride isn’t over yet, it’s time to get back on the horse, put some more money into www.sportsbetting.com It’s playoff time baby, Vinnie’s hottest time of year. But I move too fast, there is still one week of the regular season left.

Let’s examine two games.

Green Bay +3 @ Chicago: Green Bay will be playing next week, and Chicago will be watching the playoffs. Is Chicago that bad? Yes! Is Green Bay going to give a decent effort. Doubtful. Do you really think the Packers are watching film of the Bears, Panthers, Saints, or Rams right now. I can assure you, Thomas Jones is not a movie star in the Packers film room right now. Three points is a small number, and by the second half, it’s all Bears. Chicago –3 ****

Miami +10 @ Baltimore: Baltimore does well against poor offenses. This game should be a statement game for Boller. Look for Clarence Moore to have a big game as well. Lay the points in a rout. Baltimore –10 ****

Atlanta +6 @ Seattle: Big game of the week here. Atlanta will again rest their starters, and Seattle will pull off a nice win here by at least a TD. I know Seattle might not have anything to play for here, but Atlanta is soo bad in meaningless games. Look at their preseason record. Seattle –6 ****

So, That’s it folks, no 5-star games this week, just three four star games. Make a little money in the final week to roll into the playoffs. I already see two playoff mis-matches next week. Come along for the ride.

Let’s double up, one more time…

Keeping Score…
***** (6-1) 86%
**** (1-1) 50%
*** (14-8-1) 64%
** (3-1) 75%


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