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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 17

Final Week of the Season – Every Year, this is my most profitable week of the year.  I’ve loaded up my account, and I’m ready to roll into the playoffs.  I have three, guaranteed winners.  For the entrée, we have 3 five star games, and for the main course, two ten star locks! 


There are two games that the lines are off very badly.  Two games, where the coaches have completely different motives.


Let’s start with the boring games…


Cleveland +4 @ Houston:  Who cares?  Houston does, they are sick of losing, and especially at home, their management doesn’t want to look worse (like losing to Cleveland) especially after passing on Vince Young and Reggie Bush in the draft.  They’ve been playing decent lately, even beating some quality teams.  The Browns are in disarray, down to their third string QB.  This is an easy victory here for the Texans.  Houston -4 *****


Seattle +3.5 @ Tampa:  Seattle is locked into the four seed of the playoffs, and are focusing on getting healthy for their home playoff game.  On the road, they will not come to play hard; instead, the Seahawks will focus on getting healthy and not giving bonus film to whomever they play in the playoffs.  Tampa on the other hand, will continue to play hard, Michael Pittman especially.  Lay the points with the home team.  Tampa -3.5 *****


Green Bay +3 @ Chicago:  Chicago is headed into the top seed of the NFC, and the favorites to represent the NFC in the Superbowl.  While they will not take this game lightly, this is a seasoned rivalry, and close games are to be expected.  Farve’s potential last game could lead the Packers into the playoffs, so there is additional motivation.  If the Giants lose on Saturday, so this game could mean the playoffs for Green Bay, then this is a five star play.  Otherwise, this is just a three star play.  Green Bay +3 *****


Now, It’s time for the two Locks of the Year.  Both these games are so good and such blowouts that you have to mortgage your house so you have more money to bet on them.  Both playoff bound underdogs have NO REASON to risk injury and play hard, while both favorites are coming on strong at the end of the year.


Carolina -3 @ New Orleans:  New Orleans is locked into the #2 seed, and do not need to risk injury to fragile Drew Brees or superman Reggie Bush, or just healthy Marques Colston.  The Panthers QB, Jake Delhomme, is getting healthy and should start.  He is a New Orleans native, and always plays well at the Superdome.  The Carolina Panthers also have an outside shot at the playoffs.  John Fox’s team should respond well here, and blow out the Panthers in the second half.  I’d lay 7 points here, but the line is just 3.  Carolina -3 **********(10)


New England +3 @ Tennessee:  New England is basically locked into the 4 seed if Indy wins.  I think New England would rather be a healthy #4 seed than an injured #3 seed.  Especially after the scare with the hit on Tom Brady last week.  No way does Bill Belichek rush his players back or risk injury for a meaningless game.  Plus, Vince Young is a winner, and the Titans have an outside (snowball) chance of the playoffs.  Tenn will dominate the second half, and blow out the Pats.  Tenn -3 **********


My advice to you is to load up on the two 10 star games, and then DOUBLE up in the second half if your sportsbook allows second half betting.  Easiest two games of the YEAR!


Houston -4 *****

Tampa -3.5 *****

Green Bay +3 *****

Carolina -3 ********** (10)

Tenn -3********** (10)




Record ‘2006

*** 10-8

**** 9-5

***** 2-3

(10*) 0-1



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