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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 17

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Ouch, another rough week for Vinnie, gonna have to find a quarter for a gumball machine to get my little woman a Christmas gift after blowing the Secret Santa fund on the Eagles !?!#? How could they lose at home to a non-playoff team?  Looks like a Rams-Pats rematch in Houston.


AFC Scenarios

Denver would have to play 3 road games to reach the superbowl, and Clinton Portis is hurt.


Tenn also likely would have to play 3 road games, and McNair is hurting.


Indy is vulnerable to the run, and Dungy/Manning never win the big games.


Kansas City looked terrible last week, and their defense is tired.


Baltimore/Cincy (Would have to play 3 games to reach the Superbowl, including probably two on the road.  I give Baltimore the best chance, but I’d bet on Brady over Wright any day.)


The Picks then…

The Pats, with their running game as their only weakness should make the Superbowl!  All they have to do is beat Buffalo, and old Nemesis Drew Bledsoe.  Look for the Pats in a rout. Drew isn’t even good for a backdoor TD!  Pats –8 (4 stars)


Likewise, go for a (5 star) teaser here Pats –8 (+6), Eagles –7 (+6)

The Eagles should dominate the confused Redskins.  Andy Reid never loses prime time games, but the Skins find a way to make games close.


And, Finally, take the Bengals to make a statement against the lowly Cleveland Browns, Bengals –7 ½ (2 stars)


So, only 2 straight up bets

Pats –8 (4 stars)

Bengals –7 ½ (2 stars)


Pats –2,Eagles -1 2 team 6 point Teaser (5 STARS!!) (One of my best plays of the year)


And, Just for kicks

Try a 4 team 6 point teaser @ Sportsbetting.com

Pats –2,Eagles –1,Rams –4 ½,Bengals –1 ½ (2 stars)

All 4 Teams need to win, and the Rams should DOMINATE the Lions secondary.


Oh, and be careful about the Baltimore/Pittsburgh game Sunday night, the Steelers probably will cover the game, as the public is all over Baltimore because they ‘must win’. I’m passing on the game, but just telling everyone to watch out for Plexico, Hines, Bettis, and Maddox to put up some numbers on the Ravens.


That’s about it until the playoffs, this should be a great week.  Load up on your bookie (and Sportsbetting.com) on Saturday, and maybe you’ll be buying yourself a new plasma TV in time for the Superbowl!


G’ luck!


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