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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 2

Hope you gamblers followed my advice and went 2-1 last weekend.  You’re bookie isn’t going to like you if you keep taking him down every week.  But hey, I ain’t looking to make friends anyways.  And, when we go 3-0 this week, your ‘man’ might be in line for a new profession.  Maybe Wal-mart is hiring.


To Recap: Cincinnati played super, and beat up on the inexperienced Browns.  Disappointing, I had expected a better effort from the Brownies.  Tampa destroyed Minny, but this play was more of a bet against Minny, than a bet on Tampa.  Stay on the ball, and continue to play against Minny, as the public doesn’t understand how a super-freak like Randy Moss affects the whole game.  With his speak, toughness, and pass catching skills, opposing defenses were forced to spend more resources covering Randy, now those resources are used to confuse Culpepper.  Not to mention the Vikes offensive line is a shambles.  And, Finally, the Cowboys won straight up on the road against the favored Chargers.  Parcells always gets his team fired up and ready to play, San Diego had issues with Gates, and that hurt them in the final minute.


OK – Current Record

** 1-0

*** 1-1

***** 0-0


Let’s head to this weeks game.

Atlanta +1 @ Seattle: Atlanta with Vick should be favored, not the underdog here.  Seattle lost badly last week, and Atlanta won a huge game.  Yes, there could be a Monday Night hangover, but Seattle hasn’t shown much heart this year.  Take Atlanta straight up. Atlanta +1 ***


New Orleans +3 @ New York:  New York dominated Arizona last week, Eli looked fine, and the G-men have a solid team.  Look for New Orleans to come back down to Earth this week, the emotions of the hurricane game are gone, and the Saints ‘relax’.  Giants -3 is the easy play here. Giants -3 **


Minny +3 @ Cincy: Cincy looked great on the road last week, and Minny fell apart.  Look for more of the same this week, as Cincy wins by a TD, and Minny players start arguing among themselves.  Cincy -3 ***


OK, Two three*** games, and one two** star pick – Keep riding Vinnie’s money train.


So, to Recap

Giants -3 **

Falcons +1 ***

Cincy -3 ***


Three dogs, let’s start 3-0



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