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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 2

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OK Boys and Girls – That was an EXCELLENT start to the season.  I doubled up baby.


Detroit +6 played tough the whole game and almost on it.  Chicago defense whooped Green Bay, and Minny played a close game, and got the outright win as a road dog in the final of Vinnie’s 3 selections last week.  So, let’s try to continue our unblemished record for the next week as well.  Last week, three easy selections, three easy winners.  My brother in law Rocco’s coming to town in a couple weeks, and I need to raise capital for a road trip to Foxwoods.  Nothing like Vegas or the back room casinos I normally play in, but lotsa fish to take money from.


Ok, on to the three winners.


New Orleans -1.5 @ Green Bay: Newsflash, Green Bay is horrible, and the Saints got a road win last week.  Look for Green Bay’s defense to give up as the Green Bay offense can’t hold on to the football.  New Orleans’s Reggie Bush will run wild in this game as Farve starts for his final year.  New Orleans -1.5 ****


Oakland +11.5 @ Baltimore:  Did everyone watch the Raiders last week.  Luckily, the NFL put the game on so late, most of us on the East coast were sleeping.  Oakland is, by far, the worst team in the league.  The years have not been kind to Al Davis and Art Shell.  It’s a new modern, ballgame now, Baltimore will be prepared, and Oakland is reeling.  McNair is a winner, and the Ravens pitch a shutout here.  Baltimore -11.5 ****


New England -6 @ New York:  New York is also a terrible team, but the Titans defense made them look good.  New England made many mistakes last week, but managed the game well enough to win.  With the solid running game of Dillon and Maroney, and stable QB leadership of Brady, the Patriots will win by double digits here.  New England -6 ****


San Fran +3.5 @ St. Louis:  St. Louis’s center is out, and San Fran is a quality bet on team as a home dog.  This will not be an easy walk in the part for St. Louis, as San Fran fights every down.  Look for San Fran to keep this close, and perhaps even pull out the ‘W’.  San Fran +3.5 **** (Bonus Pick).


Let’s go for another undefeated week, I want to double up against my bookie again!


New Orleans -1.5 ****

Baltimore -11.5 ****

New England -6 ****

San Fran +3.5 ****




Record ‘2006

** 0-0

*** 0-0

**** 3-0

***** 0-0



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