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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 2

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Ouch, none of Vinnie’s plays performed well last week, but hey, we’re just getting started.  Luckily, a backdoor cover by the 49ers saved our weekend, but it’s good to get those crappy handicapping of games out of the way. 


Week 1:

In review, the Pats, with only 1 real RB on the roster (Dillon), they decided to focus on the pass, and the Pats run defense sorely missed Ted Washington.  The weather wasn’t as bad as promised, and the total flew OVER when I had the under L


Also, the Browns prepared an ambush for their hated Ravens, and Jamal Lewis learned how responsible for his rushing title John Ogden was.(He was out for the game)  Garcia toughed it out, and got the straight-up win, and the fans in Cleveland now love him.   (In fact, I heard two of his girlfriends were cat-fighting over him), and the Ravens with Deion Sanders and Kyle Boller didn’t do didly squat.


Finally, the 49ers started out bad, but their QB caught up later, and got the backdoor TD.  Nice cover and play, but we were on the wrong side up until the end.


So, let’s learn from our mistakes, and take a look at Week 2


Week 2:

Texans +3 @ Detroit.  Hey, Texans lost because of a bad turnover, and Detroit won last week because of bad turnovers by Chicago.  Look for NO repeat of Week 1 as Houston rights the ship.  Add to this that Detroit lost Charles Rogers last week, and I’m all over Houston here at +3 ***


San Fran +7.5 @ New Orleans: New Orleans looked terrible last week, and San Fran just got off to a bad start.  New Orleans might be the better team, but laying more than a TD?  San Fran is good at the backdoor TD, and let’s back them again here.  SF+7.5 ***


Pittsburgh +3.5 @ Baltimore:  Baltimore needs to get back on track, but is Kyle Boller ready?  If not, the Pittsburgh Zone Blitz will confuse/confound the youngster.  Pitt +3.5 **


From a fan:

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Thanks X!   We certainly appreciate the advice and help.  Bottom line make sure you have $$ in to double it next week!


Last Note of the Week:

I read this article on line this week on how gambling makes people live longer.  I just HAD to share it with all of you since it applies to most people reading this column!  Enjoy!


In Summary:

3 stars – Houston +3

3 starts – SF +7.5

2 stars – Pitt +2.5


So, 2 *** games, and 1 ** game.  Let’s go for a 3-0 this week.  Stay tuned next week for a potential 5 star game I’ve had circled since the schedule came out. 


Keeping Score for the Year…

***** (0-0)

**** (1-0)

*** (0-2)

** (0-0)


G’ Luck this week!


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