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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 3

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WOW – 7-0 to start the season, maybe I should quit my day job! OK, maybe not, but that is a solid gold record. I hope you have been following my picks with your wallet, and rolling in the ‘play’ dough. I know I’m going have some extra cash when I visit my brothers in Vegas in November. What a ride, 7-0. 7-0. Did I say I was 7-0. Seems like I am CRUSING as none of these games were really in doubt. Yes, any game can go either way with a bad bounce, but we were totally on the right side in all 7 games to start the season!

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OK, let’s look at Week #3, Two really nice matchups. The odds makers (ergo public), have caught up with how bad the Packers and Raiders and Tennessee are. But, the public doesn’t realize that Detroit really has a decent football team, and that Denver doesn’t.

Denver +6.5 @ New England: Newsflash – Denver missed Gary Kubiak more than most people realize. Luckily, neither of their games has had a national broadcast this year. Denver and Jake Plummer’s offense is not that good for a playoff team, and the Patriots have two strong runners in Dillon and Maroney. Strong Running game = Solid favorite. Looks for New England to revenge their last year loss, as they run over the Broncos. Patriots -6.5 ****

Green Bay +6.5 @ Detroit: Detroit played solid against Seattle, and then gave the game away to Chicago in a blowout (and gave up in the process). Too many turnovers last week. It’s nice to start over in a new game against a terrible team. Don’t look for offensive mistakes again. One of these teams ends up 0-3, and it won’t be Detroit. Look for Detroit to pound the ball, not turn it over, and win convincingly here as they get revenge on Brett Farve for all his years of beating up the Lions. Easy money on the Lions -6.5****

Let’s go for another undefeated week, I want to double up against my bookie again! Playing more on Detroit and against Jake the mistake, on the road, playing from behind.

New England -6.5****
Lions -6.5 ****



Record ‘2006

** 0-0
*** 0-0
**** 7-0
***** 0-0


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