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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 3

Another 2-1 week, it’s time to follow that up with a 2-0 week with a nice moneyline play.  Some nice plays on the card this week. But, to recap last week, the Giants and Bengals dominated their opponents, and the games weren’t even close.  Isn’t it nice when you don’t have to sweat every play . The Falcons fell behind early, and staged a nice comeback (and Seattle is known to blow leads), but alas, Michael Vick was injured, and the comeback was short.  Luckily for me, I played Atlanta at Halftime, and had also teased Atlanta to +7, them, so it was a positive play by the end of the day.

Halftime, what does that mean? Well, with Internet betting at www.sportsbetting.com, you can bet on a halftime line. Let’s say you bet on the Falcons last week, at +1. At halftime, they were down huge (21-0). The halftime line was Falcons -3.5; So, that meant you would own the Falcons at Falcons +17.5 for the game. If you thought Falcons +1 was a fair line, then Falcons +17.5 is an underpriced line. These halftime lines give you a chance to double up when your side is losing, or hedge your bets by taking the other side and try to middle the book. More about that on another date, bookies don’t like to talk about ‘middling the man’

Current Record
** 2-0
*** 2-2
***** 0-0

Let’s head to this weeks games, now that we’ve seen what the teams have to offer…

Kansas City +3 @ Denver: Kansas City run offense is excellent and the Denver D is having a rough year.  Look for Denver to fire it’s defensive coordinator after the game as Kansas City wins in a rout. Plummer falters under pressure, and once Denver falls behind, there will be lots of pressure. Kansas City +3 *****

I would add a 3*** on the money line as well.  Kansas City +125***

Tenn +6.5 @ Rams: Yes, Tenn won at home last week, but this is the home opener for the Rams. Bulger will torture the inexperienced secondary of the Titans, and Jackson will run wild. Easy play here. This game will resemble the Titans/Steelers opener two weeks ago. Take the Rams and lay the points. Rams -6.5 *****

OK, Two five ***** games!  Keep riding Vinnie’s going to make a lot of $$ this week.

So, to Recap
Chiefs +3 *****
Chiefs +125 ***
Rams -6.5 *****

Two Five ***** games, and a Three*** moneyline play, Let’s go 3-0 in week 3.


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