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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 4

Folks, I apologize for missing the last couple weeks, was visiting some relatives in the ‘Burgh.  Also, I’m now working for a new ‘family’, and they are demanding I hit my ‘sales’ numbers.  Looking forward to my trek to Las Vegas in two weeks to see the old crew, and get the inside scoop for Oct 21st games.  

And, I also apologize for Mickey’s 1-2 record last week, let’s get back over .500   Only one ‘key’ game this week, a no-brainer, easy winner.  One team clicking on all cylinders, the other, literally falling apart with injuries.

Key Game – 5 Star

St. Louis -13 @ Dallas:  St. Louis is falling apart with injuries (Orlando Pace, Stephen Jackson) to name a few.  Mark Bulger just cashed in during the preseason, and I hope he has good health insurance.  He’s lucky he signed the big contract before the season started, because he can’t boost his stats when he has no time to throw and is lying on his back.  On the other side, Tony Romo is angling for a new contract, and has a solid running tandem to slow down the pass rush, and Terrell Owens and Jason Witten peaking.  This is a clear case of two teams moving in two opposite directions.  No way the ‘Boys don’t crush the Rams.  Dallas -13 *****

New England -7.5 @ Cincy:  Cincy has no defense.  Tom Brady can exploit that.  Cincy might be without Rudi Johnson.  Would you want to spot Bill Belichek a lack of running game for game preparation?  New England is ripping up the league, Randy Moss is back on Monday night football to make a statement.  Folks, this could be a shootout, but if the Browns and Derrick Anderson can win a shootout, then Tom Brady and Randy Moss, well, forget about it.  Better football organization wins this game easily.  Lay the points with New England -7.5 ***

Bonus Pick:  Potential 6 Point Teaser:  I usually don’t back favorites, but there are two clear cases, so try a 6 Point Teaser (Dallas -7 and New England -1.5).  Both Teams should easily win by one TD.

G’ Luck this week!


PS Mickey – Thanks for filling in last week, I’ll buy you a couple beers when you come to my club sometime.  Poker night is Tuesday, and we got some friendly, attractive, hard working girls behind the bar.

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