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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 6

Ouch, when the best you can say about a week is, well, we pushed on one game, it was a rough weekend.  “Ouch” is the next thing you say when the bookie comes looking for his coin, and you ain’t got it.  Of course, I don’t have that problem, cause I started the year on fire.  [But it’s been awfully cold lately].


Let’s skip the boring. ugly, recap of last week, and move right to some correct guesses this week.  OK, the word ‘guesses’ in the last paragraph is wrong, this week, I’m sure I won’t go 0-2.  I never lose five star games!  Not “Guesses”, Not “Picks”, How about “guarantees”.


Seattle -3.5 @ St. Louis:  Three and a Half points at home, against a division rival.  Take the points, and the bookie’s money to the bank.  Not to mention, St. Louis is an excellent back door cover team with it’s potent passing attack.  St. Louis +3.5 *****


Houston +13.5 @ Dallas:  Houston is a bad team, but should they be TWO touchdown underdogs?  This is Houston’s Superbowl, and a pest to Dallas.  Look for a much closer game than the two touchdown’s advantage the public seems to bet with.  Houston +13.5*****


St. Louis +3.5 *****

Houston +13.5 *****




Record ‘2006

** 0-0

*** 1-4

**** 7-2

***** 1-0


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