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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 8

Not a bad week last week, BUT it could have been much better if the Packers had been able to beat the Vikings in the second half too.  In any case, we’re moving in the right direction.  The Jets center was the difference as the boys from New York gave the game away in turnovers, and Vick ran for some TD’s.


Enough gloating about the past, let’s move on to this week’s incorrect lines…


Chicago +3 @ Detroit.  Chicago is now the city of champions, and da Bears need a win to get football back on everyone’s minds in the windy city.  Bears have good defense, and the Lions have secondary problems.  Take the solid ‘D’ with points here.  Chicago +3**


Tampa Bay -10.5 @ San Francisco: Tampa’s RB game isn’t totally healthy, and the 49ers just changed QB’s to Dorsey.  Dorsey’s a winner, and I look for a back door cover here as the home dog is getting way too many points.  San Francisco +10.5 **


And, if you want to make it interesting, Parley both with Patriots on the money line -400 as they will not lose two games in a row at home.   It will increase your payout!   At San Fran +10.5 is $110 to win $100.  A Parley (Pats -400, San Fran +10.5) of $110 pays over $150, for a net gain of over $40.  Definitely a good bet to parley with the Pats this weekend.


Just two 2** games this week, but if you juice them both with the Pats on the moneyline, you can win even more.


Current Record

** 2-2

*** 4-4

***** 0-2


So, to Recap

Chicago+3 ***

San Fran +10.5 ***


Both Parleyed with the Pats on the $$line!




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