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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es – Week 9

Shhh.  I’m hiding from the man.  You know, hiding from the man-book I owe money too since I was TERRIBLE last week on my picks.  I picked like a policeman’s favorite pastime.  Ate a doughnut last week and went 0-2.  I’m actually in Vegas for a couple weeks, had to leave town.  Hope the boys don’t have any contacts out here to find me. 


And, since I’m in Vegas, I might as well try to win back what I owe and get back to even.  Isn’t that the sign of a compulsive gambler?  Well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and I’m hoping the money I win comes back home with me.


Denver +3 @ Pittsburgh: Desperation.  This is solely a play on the desperate nature of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A Loss here, and they have no shot at returning to the playoffs.  Denver’s QB is known for making mistakes, and the Steelers defense leads the Black and Gold to a solid win here.  Ben Bounces Back will be the headline of the Post Gazette on Monday.  Lay the points.  Pittsburgh -3 *****


Houston +13 @ New York Giants:  Normally, I don’t like to back double-digit favorites, but here the scenario is perfect.  The Giants are starting to get some national publicity as a playoff caliber team, and Brandon Jacobs loves to run through the opposing defenses.  Houston is wondering if David or Sage is the team QB.  Houston can’t even decide on a running back.  Look for the Giants to take a strong lead, and hold on to it.  Giants -13 ***


Miami +13.5 @ Chicago:  Miami, flying north to the cold Chicago.  Chicago’s tough defense.  Too much momentum on Chicago’s side.  Look for Chicago’s defense to confuse the Miami offense all day long.  Chicago -13.5 ***



OK – One 5 star game, and two 3 star huge favorites.  Time to switch gears to being a sportsbetting winner, otherwise I might not be able to go back to the Big Apple.  Off to the Poker tables…


Pittsburgh -3 ****

Giants -13 ***

Chicago -13.5 ***




Record ‘2006

** 0-0

*** 1-4

**** 7-4

***** 2-1

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