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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Let’s start this season off with some easy money!  I might not make as many plays this year, but we’ll make money together on the ones we do play.  And don’t forget to drop some dough with to start your year out!


Jets +3 @ Washington: I watched a little of both teams in the preseason.  What does that mean you say?  Let’s look at the matchups more closely as this one will be nationally televised, and I want to start this season off on a winning note.


Jets Offense versus Washington Defense.  The Washington defense lost Dan Wilkerson.  Their defense looked horrible in the Patriots preseason game.  OK, LaVar Arrington and Champ Bailey are stars, BUT just don’t throw the ball on Champ’s side, and let LaVar overplay.  The Jets offense lost their leader Chad Pennington, but don’t write off Vinny Testaverde yet.  He’s a solid backup.  Curtis Martin is healthy, and a hard worker.  Same with most of the Jets offense, from their center Kevin Mawae to their flashlight, Wayne Chrebet.  This team played well in the playoffs, and although losing to the Raiders, they had a nice end of the season.  The Jets offense will be ready for this game.


Washington Offense versus Jets Defense.  Jets defense has some quality lineman, and Ramsey is still a young QB.  DeWayne Robinson will pressure Ramsey, along with John Abraham and Sean Ellis.  Ramsey will have to make some quick decisions.  Trung Candidate was sent packing by the Rams, and ended up in Washington.  While fast, and creating mismatches outside, he has had a history of fumblitis.  Coles has something to play for against his old team, and might find the endzone once, but Herm Edwards should be able to come up with a good gameplan. 


Special Teams: Field Goals (John Hall versus Doug Brian).  No edge here on either side.  Punt/Kickoffs (The redskins had a notorious punt off earlier this year, so I’d say that position isn’t totally settled yet.  But, Chad Morton, the ex-Jet is a one man show.  He gives the Skins the special teams edge.


Jets are +3 –120 , In a close game, you gotta take the points.  Herm Edwards team is ready to hit somebody, and the Redskins standing in front of them. 

 Play Jets +3


Rams (pick) at Giants – No opinion.  First, I need to see how the re-invented Giants offensive line looks.  Also, Shockey is a question mark.  Rams offensive line needs Pace to get back in shape, and playing on the road isn’t easy.  Giants were rolling along last year, but can they continue the moment?   Plus, how bad is the St. Louis defense??? PASS


Patriots (pick) at Bills – No opinion.  How will the Pats respond to losing Lawyer Milloy?  Can Belichek get into Bledsoe’s head.  No way to go on the Pats here with no solid running game (Although the Pats did look VERY good in preseason).  No way to bet on Bledsoe against his former coach.  PASS


Ravens (+5) at Steelers – I don’t understand this line.  The ONLY question mark on this game is the health of the Steelers Offensive line.  Yes, I know Joey Porter was shot, but the Steelers are deep at that position.  Tommy Maddox IS a good NFL Quarterback.  He has THREE weapons at WR.  He has TWO Running Backs that playaction must respect.  The Steelers defense is at home facing a ROOKIE QB (Boller) in his first ever start.  Welcome to the Zone Blitz.  If he isn’t sacked 5 times or have 2 interceptions, I’ll be amazed.  Talk about being thrown to the wolves.  This, is a  Play, Steelers -5


Jaguars (+4) at Panthers.  Hard to judge these two teams, a lot of turnovers in the offseason.  Jags are missing their best receiver (Jimmy Smith), so I’d say offhand, it would be tough for a backdoor cover.  Likewise the Panthers have a solid defense.  Brunell will win or lose this game for the Jags, and I’ll take the lose side of that bet.
Panthers –4


Texans (+14) @ Dolphins.  Run Ricky Run.  I’d probably go for the points, but too many variables in the beginning of the season.  PASS


Colts (pick) @ Browns.  Colts should be able to move the ball on the Browns defense.  I can’t say the same for the Browns (Although Holcomb will do well).  I’ll take Mike Vanderjagt to win the game in the closing seconds.  Indy


Broncos (-6) @ Bengals.  I used to bet on the Bengals.  Never again!  The Bengals just got a new field goal kicker.  They have problems snapping the ball.  Yes, Corey Dillon, Chad Johnson, and Peter Warrick may score some fantasy points, but I’m not expecting much in week 1.  Don’t want to lay almost a TD with the porous Broncos defense on the road either.  PASS


Cardinals (+4) @ Lions.  Too many points.  Yep, 4 points is too many points for a favorite to be laying with Running Back issues.  Likewise, a second year QB against a second decade QB.  Oh Yeah, Emmitt wants more yardage too.  Take the Cards to the bank.
Cards +4


Vikings (+5.5) @ Green Bay.  How bad is Green Bay’s defense?  How bad is Minny’s defense?  Is Brett Favre going to miss Frank Winters.  You have to like the pack at home to win this, as the Vikings seem confused quite often (see draft day fiasco for more details).  But, I’m not laying 5.5 points with a crappy D.  PASS


Chargers (+5.5) @ Chiefs.  Priest Holmes – is he fully recovered or not?  Add Tony Gonzalez to the injury question mark as well.  The Chargers Defense has a lot of holes right now, but can’t jump on the Chiefs without knowing more about the health of two of their stars.  Likewise, can’t bet against those stars either.  Leans towards taking the points in a division match up, but can’t pull the trigger. PASS


Falcons (+2) @ Cowboys.  Do you think Bill Parcells smiled when he saw Vick go down?  Ouch.  Contrary to popular belief, Quincy Carter has played well in the preseason too.  With some talented wide receivers (Bryant, Galloway), he has some targets now.  The Falcons have an easy excuse to lose this game, and they will.  Dallas –2


Saints (+3) @ Seahawks.  Gotta believe the Seahawks are the better play here, but I can’t lay points with the Seahawks porous offensive line right now.  PASS


Bears (+6.5) @ Chicago.  Dangerous game here.  Bears seem to be in disarray, but I can’t trust SF to win by a TD as Kordell could scamper for a backdoor cover.  PASS


Raiders (+3) @ Tenn.  Tenn is looking for revenge and plays well at home.  Is Gannon still thinking about the Superbowl blowout (and his 5 interceptions?).  Tough game to handicap, fun one to watch.  Gotta believe the Titans will be hitting hard, and the Raiders relying on Gannon’s arm.  PASS


Bucs (+3) @ Eagles.  Eagles open their new stadium.  Tampa’s defense is even BETTER than last year’s.  Eagles are a little worse.  I like the Bucs here to make a statement, plus a lot of people bet against the previous Superbowl winner.  Not me this year.  Bucs +3


To Recap:

Steelers –5   

Cardinals +4   

Jets +3   

Bucs +3  

Indy (Pick)  

Panthers –4 

Dallas –2  


Go with the Steelers, and start your season off on the right note, maybe a C-Note!


Until next week,


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