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Vinnie’s Pick$ and Prop$

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Wow, Can you believe it!!  Pats and Carolina.  Go Pats!  I know, I know, I sound like a cheerleader, but lookie what I got going on with the Pats.  My Super Bowl bets and some Props in my last installment for the year.


The Game:


Bet #1:

















Bet #2:


Future Wager    03/12/03 12:33 ET         

50.00/1400.00    Result: Pending

Odds to Win 2004 Super Bowl – Houston TX        

New England Patriots     02/01/04 (18:00 ET)



Here’s the story.  I was off in Vegas after last year’s Super Bowl, and I took a look at the odds, and thought the Pats were better than half the teams.  So I put my $10 sucker bet at Mandalay Bay down before I left.  Great place by the way, awesome pool!  Once home, I had plenty of winnings left over in from the Tampa Bay rout in last year’s Super Bowl, so I went $50 on another sucker Patriot future.  Yes, yes…I know, I know.  Sometimes you just do these things because you’re a fan. 


So, what does that mean?  It means I REALLY, REALLY, want the Pats to win!!  FWIW, I’m going to hedge and put about $200 on Carolina +7 to try to hit a middle (Wouldn’t that be grand!)


New England or Carolina?


So, unfortunately I cannot handicap the game for you in a unbiased manner.  Instead of letting my fans down, I asked my cousin Mickey to help me and you out.  Here’s the exchange we had this week…



Vinnie:  Hey Mick, I need some help again this week.


Mickey:  Yeah, you in trouble again….how many times have I told you, you need to be careful!!


Vinnie:  No, no, not that kind of trouble.  I’ve got mucho bucks on the Pats this weekend.  Took ‘em for $60 at the beginning of the year to win the whole sha-bang.  Got over a grand and a half on the game already.   The problem is that I need to make a pick for the web-site on the game, and I can’t be open minded.  You have any thoughts?  Can you help?


Mickey:  Nice my brother.  Of course!   Here’s how I see it.  I see no way the Pats lose this game.  Your money is in the bag.  But, the -7 scares me a bit.  The Pats are pretty good at covering. But, I see a close game as they tend to keep ‘em close.  What I did personally was take a 6.5 pt teaser on the Pats and the Over.  The U/O is at 38…so at 6.5 that puts me Pats -0.5 and the Over at 31.5.  Definitely a winner.  Good luck.  Hope all is well.  Hey…and don’t forget to call nana this week…she misses you.  Wants you over for supper and all.


Vinnie:  Thanks Cous!  I’ll let the gang know.



The Props:

Ok. So, onto the best part of the Super Bowl, Props!  There are so many props, you can’t bet them all, but if you pick and choose the best half dozen or so, you’ll do fine.  Often, you’ll have to show more juice, but sometimes it’s worth it.


Wait – Stop the presses!  No matter what you do on the Super Bowl – Go check out the topless touts at  You’ll be glad you did!



#1) Shortest TD of game > 1.5 Yards –115 ***

What this means, is there will be no 1 Yard TD’s.  Both teams have good goal line defenses, and there may only be 2-4 TD’s scored in the whole game.  Play the over, and root for no 1 YD TD’s.


#2) Tom Brady to throw a TD before an Interception –200.  Brady is a player who makes few mistakes. ****


Tom Brady – What will he Throw First – Must Play



Touchdown Pass






18:25 ET









#3)David Givens Longest Reception Over 19.5 -115 **

Givens is a turning into a big time player, and should be able to break out one big play. 


David Givens – Longest Reception – No Receipt Under Wins



Longest Reception





Over 19.5 (-115)

18:25 ET


Must Play





Under 19.5 (-115)


#4) Bethel Johnson  Total Receiving Yards Over 12.5 Over 12.5 –115 **

A Texan playing in Texas?  – Should be able to catch one ball and break it open. 


Bethel Johnson – Total Receiving Yards – Must Play



Receiving Yards





Over 12.5 (-115)

18:25 ET


Receiving Yards





Under 12.5 (-115)


#5) Rodney Harrison Total Solo+Assisted Tackles Over 8 -130 **

Harrison will be a big time player, supporting the Run against a Run first team.  Only needs 2 tackles a Quarter. 


Rodney Harrison – Total Solo+Assisted Tackles – Must Play



Solo+Assisted Tackles





Over 8 (-130)

18:25 ET


Solo+Assisted Tackles





Under 8 (Even)


OK – That’s it, I know, No Panther Props, but their running game is questionable (Stephen Davis).   I think Ty Law and the Pats will shut down the Carolina WR’s, but on the flip side, if Carolina is way behind, there may be garbage WR yards. 



So, in summary:


Mickey likes 6.5pt Teaser of Pats (-0.5) and Over (31.5)


Vinnies likes Props

#1) Go with Tom Brady to throw a TD before an INT. –200 ****

#2) Shortest TD of game >1.5 yards (How many TD’s will be scored?) –115**

#3) David Givens (he’s Big, and getting better, look for 1 big play)Over 19.5 Yards –115**

#4) Bethel Johnson (See David Givens comments, except he is fast, not so big) Over 12.5 –115**

#5) Rodney Harrison is a team leader, and will be on the field, and making plays.  He should easily get over 8 tackles and assists –130 **


Good Luck to all and Go Pats (Maybe Carolina will cover the 7 too J)!!!


See your all in the preseason next year!!



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