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Vinnie’s Picks and Passes – Week 17

Well – At least the bloodbath is nearly over.  Only one week left, and I have A TON of work to do to make up for my crappy pick last week.  The Texans just couldn’t keep up with the Colts, period.  An ugly loss, nuff said, don’t want to think about that anymore!

Moving forward, I probably need to find a new line of work, as I’ve had a rough year, See many games I like this week, but my bankroll is low.  This is one of the first seasons I can remember limping into the final week and the playoffs.

Let’s continue, and you can see who to fade this week.

Dallas +9.5 @ Washington:  Same Theory, different teams.  Dallas will be resting for the payoffs, as this is a ROAD game, and Tony Romo needs to heal his hand.  Look for a lackluster effort from Dallas.  On the flip side, Washington needs this game badly to make the playoffs.  The Redskins should respond and win decisively.  If your book allows you to make halftime wagers, make sure to play the ‘Skins in the second half as well. Washington -9.5 **********

Tenn -6.5 @ Indy:  Same theory, different teams.  Will the Colts shut it down for the playoffs?  Most likely, as in previous years.  Will the Titans be playing hard – definitely, as they need this game to make the playoffs.  As with the Skins game above, try to get a second half bet in on the Titans, as the Colts starters should be watching this game from the sideline in the second half. Tenn -6.5 **********

Two huge games, I need a HUGE week (so I can pay the rent and eat again).

Off to Vegas in two weeks – need to raise some money first.

Go Skins and Titans!

Washington -9.5 **********

Tenn -6.5 **********



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