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Vinnie’s Preseason Week 3 Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Hope you enjoyed the Week one selection of Baltimore – I did, and one of these days I’m going to own the way I keep kicking their butts. 


By the way, time to start thinking about your deposits to your offshore establishments now, but more on that later.


Now, on with the future.  Week 3 is normally known as the week where the teams come to play to win in preparation of the regular season.  Different coaches have different agendas.  Let’s see what we like this week.



Oakland –1.5 @ Arizona  Arizona is a team with injuries, question marks at many positions.  Oakland will use this game as a confidence boost towards the regular season.  Denny Green (AZ) is still evaluating talent, and Norv Turner is trying to figure out which quality RB and WR and QB’s will be starting.  No Contest here. Oakland –1.5 **


Week 1

Sportbetting also has Week 1 lines available; it might be too soon, with injuries, etc to make a huge play.  But, the linemaker is a little slow to catch up to injuries in the NFL.  Plus, on Fridays, it’s lay 105 instead of 110 to win 100.  So, wait til Friday morning and pile on!


Take the 49ers +4 at home against the Falcons.  Vick could get hurt in one of the two next games, and the 49ers make a great home dog. 49ers +4 ***


Take the Chiefs +3 on the road versus the Broncos also. Can the Broncos stop the run?  Is Plummer an All-Pro?  Too many questions to be laying 3 points to the Chiefs.  Remember how hot the Chiefs started off last season! Chiefs +3 **

A friendly reminder about Offshore wagering!
Just a friendly a reminder for all those newbies out there.  Now is a good time to reload those wagering accounts!  Those off-shore places get pretty bogged down at the start of the season.  I remember last year I tried to send money to one of them.  No luck, system error.  So, I called and found out they were having problems with their on-line credit card verification system.  I SAID WHAT??!  You can’t actually take the money that I want to give it to you!  In any rate, make sure you reload those accounts before the first week of the season.  Fantasy Sharks will certainly appreciate any patronage you give to their wagering partner  Especially, if you were going to wager on-line anyway. 

Talk to you at the start of the season. 


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