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Vinnie’s, Special Thursday Night Action

Hope you made your bankroll bigger during the preseason, if not, there is still time to reload at my sponsor, and get an extra 10% before the season.  But, after backing the Pats at 25-1 last year, I certainly don’t need to reload!


OK, On to play #1 for the regular season.


Indianapolis @ New England

On a special Thursday night opening, where the New England Patriots begin the defense of their Superbowl trophy, and start to continue their dynasty, the Colts come back to the scene of the crime, and look for revenge.


Let’s look at this from an average fans perspective.  Indy makes a good dog, as Peyton is solid, and could throw that meaningless TD to cover/win at the end of the game.  Tom Brady is Tom terrific.  The Colts have revenge on their minds, and the Pats have a huge bulls-eye on their backs as returning Superbowl champs.  Some systems advice to play AGAINST Superbowl champs each week.  While that is a good idea normally (as the public usually overpays for the Superbowl winner) I don’t agree this week.  Then again, I really don’t like laying more than a FG with the Pats (current line is at -3.5), their strength is to win close games.


So, I have a better idea, look out the window, and check out


The predicted weather is horrible in NE for Thursday night.  That has to throw off the timing between QB’s and receivers.  Both New England and Indy use run timing O’s.  Also, the public believes that the new rules for bumping will increase scoring.  While, it will increase defensive holding penalties, there is no guarantee it will increase scoring.  With the over/under set at 45 this week, take the under, go against the public [who generally lean towards overs anyways], and start the season off with a win!


NE/Indy Under 45 ***(3 Stars)


Let’s keep track this year too.

5 Star’s ***** (0-0)

4 Star’s **** (0-0)

3 Star’s *** (0-0)

2 Star’s ** (0-0)


I’ll have my regular Vinnie’s Pick$ and Pa$$es edition this Friday for the upcoming weekend games.


G’ Luck!


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