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Vinnie’s Superbowl Pick$ and Pa$$es

Well folks, I’ve made it back from Vegas – and prepared for the Superbowl.  I’m VERY disappointed the Pats did not win outright, as they should have, but at least the Bears finished their part of the bargain.


Superbowls are hard to handicap.  It’s the one game where public money really can move the lines.  This year, I think the public is split.  Many, many ‘smarter’ public bettors like the Bears and the Points.  Other public gamblers like the Colts and laying the points in a blowout.  The two coaches are friends, and I don’t look for a blowout here, but it could happen.  I think the most important factor is that Peyton Manning will find a way to win his Superbowl ring.  With two weeks of film study, and always a bridesmaid, never a bride mentality, he will be booked up, and find a way to win the game.  I lean towards the Colts and laying the points, but I prefer the Colts with Automatic Adam V. on the Moneyline -230.


Final Pick of the Year

Colts -230 to win ****


Worst case scenario, Adam V. hits a game winning field goal. 



As with most superbowls, There are several attractive Props, most importantly, one is a no brainer!


Rex Grossman, over 2 Sacks -130.  Odds are good the Bears will have to play catchup, and Rex will definitely prefer to take a sack and let his defense do their job than make a bad decision.  Over 2 Sacks – 130**********


Will an Indy player score 2 TD’s?  Yes +150 :This too comes down to simple time and film study.  Peyton will have found an advantage in the film room, and use it early and often, which probably means two TD’s for that guy.  Yes +150 ***


One three star prop, one four star prop, and one ten star prop ‘lock’


Colts -230 Money line

Rex Grossman (Over 2 Sacks) -130

Indy Player 2 or more TD’s +150




Record ‘2006

*** 14-9

**** 9-5

***** 4-4

(10*) 1-2



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