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Vinnie’s Week 4 Preseason Pick$ and Pa$$es

Sorry about last week folks, wasn’t pretty. Still going to own by the end of the year. Need to make enough money to enter the World Series of Poker. If you don’t fold, I break your legs. Just like playing hoops, New York Style – No blood no foul.

Working on very little sleep right now (nope, not Mrs Vinnie keeping me awake, but some bad food)

On to this week, with THREE Easy winners

  1. Detroit – 6 at home against the Bills. This looks VERY tempting. But, don’t go hog wild here. It’s only PRESEASON. Buffalo has a new second string QB, and has other interests than winning this game. Take Lions –6 ***
  2. Raiders – 3 ½ at home against the Rams. Rams will not show anything, and don’t play well in preseason on the road. Raiders, just win baby, will win, probably by at least a TD. Raiders –3.5 ***
  3. Redskins –3 ½ at home against the Falcons. Last thing the Falcons want to do is get Vick hurt. Redskins are still playing to win, and Falcons just lost their first round draft pick too. Falcons are busy preparing for week1, Gibbs is teaching his players how to prepare for this game. Redskins –3.5 ***
  4. Bengals – 3 at home against Indy. Indy has the short week, and is prepping for New England opening day. Bengals are a winner under Marvin Lewis, and should come out and stay hot. Bengals –3 ***

And, for a First Qtr Prop, Take the Pats -.5 + 105 in the first quarter. Look for Brady to come out focused, drive the team for a TD, and then watch his teammates. Plus, the Jags have a terrible offense this year.

So, there you go, a quickie Vinnie – may all your plays be winners!


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