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Vinnie’s Wildcard Weekend Pick$ and Pa$$es

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Well, last week was a mini-debacle with the Bengals losing at home to the Browns.  You would have thought the Browns would have HATED the thought of the Ravens (stolen from Cleveland), making the playoffs.  Really thought the Brownies would pack it in.  Well, I was wrong.


At least we hit our 5 star play last week.  Haven’t missed a 5 star game this year.  However, the Cincy game was a tough blow.  Recovered a little playing on Pittsburgh in the last regular season game, but I’m very disappointed as the final week is usually HUGE for me, and it was just OK this year.


Anyways, on to this week’s playoff games.  FWIW, Vinnie has become a HUGE Patriot fan, after remembering that he put some $$ on them, a 28-1 at Sportsbetting.com at the start of the season.  Go Pats!!!!


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Wildcard Weekend

Dallas +3 @ Carolina.  Bill Parcells will have his team ready, but the Panthers coach helped take the Giants to the Superbowl before.  Look for a low scoring game.  PASS


Tenn Titans –1 @ Baltimore Ravens.  Why is the road team favored, because the home team is still limping from last week’s physical game with the Steelers.  Plus, Jeff Fisher always has his team ready for the playoffs, and I’d rather put my $$ on Steve McNair than Anthony Wright.  TENN –1 **


Denver +3 @ Indy.  Denver killed Indy two weeks ago.  The game may come down to the kickers.  Take the points.  Manning never plays well in the playoffs.  And, the Broncos rested last week.  Denver +3**


Seattle +7 @ Green Bay.  Green Bay should avenge their loss last year at home to the Falcons with a win here.  But, Seattle should be able to keep it close.  Seattle +7**


So, That’s it for this week, 3 two star games.  No real big plays until next week.




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