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Here are the recommended grabs for Week 8:


Kirk Cousins, WAS

Cousins has the Redskins at 3-4 and after 3 TD with no INT he is a safe pickup.  He definitely is not getting benched and is a safe play based on matchups.  He has been a garbage time star, but he now will have a whole new confidence and is playable against the right opponent.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ

Fitzy just keeps on chugging along.  His performance against the Pats merits believing this will continue despite his history of disappearing down the stretch.  He’s only playable against pass friendly defenses.

The Giants have been waiting for someone, anyone to assert himself.  Darkwa did just that and will see an increase workload between the tackles afer scorin an averaging almost 6 a carry.
Jones wasn’t impressive, but he got 13 touches and that should grow into an even bigger workload.  He is clearly the best dynamic option.  I am concerned about his ability to stay healthy.  He is a bye week flex until he shows it on the field.
The new NFL is a between the tackles guy and a passing back and Whiz finally started McCluster and wants to use him like Sproles.  He isn’t Sproles, but he is a desperation flex for bye weeks.
LaFell had 8 targets even though he only pulled in 2.  He and Brady will improve their timing and LaFell will produce.
Carr is emerging into a real QB based on how he is changing the calls at the line.  Crabtree is his preferred possession receiver and he had more targets than Cooper.  He’s a TD dependent WR3 with a decent floor.
Lockett had 5 targets and was a legitimate part of the Seahawks offense.  He isn’t just a return man, he’s a solid football player in space.   He had 5 for 79 and a TD.  If he is getting 5 to 7 targets a game it’s a huge win.  Flex him.
Roethlisberger is coming back, which means Miller will be scoring TDs again very soon.  Miller and Big Ben have an unspoken language for when Miller releases his block and how to setup their short yardage connections.  Now that Big ben is starting again, Miller will get targets and he was dropped in most leagues.
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