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Viper Interview

Congrats on becoming a Whale Shark (1000 messages) on the Message Boards!! For once I interview someone who just turned a Whale Shark. I’m so honored.

So tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you, etc. What’s a typical day for you like?
I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, not exactly a hotbed for sports. I have lived in Central Oregon since 1977. I turned 52 in July so I’m certainly one of the oldest sharks here if not “THE” oldman of the tank, as in biggest and baddest! I have two boys, one is a junior in high school and the other a sophomore in college. They help keep me young, but for the first time this summer I am losing more one on one driveway b-ball games than I’m winning. Both boys are over 6’3″ so I can no longer rely on my height advantage. 

A typical day? Well I get up about 5AM to make my own triple shot latte. Then I turn on the “All Fantasy Football All the Time” cable channel. The cool thing about this channel is the up to the minute ticker tape across the bottom of the screen that shows the changing market value of each and every fantasy player, as influenced by the thousands of ongoing drafts across the country. Playing in as many leagues as I do, many with on-going drafts, this is “must have” information. Then I go to my “snake pit” where, depending on the time zone, a bank of TV screens monitor the numerous, live, ongoing drafts I am participating in. Having just screened the market value of the players I am looking at contracting for the season, I make my draft selections. It’s all a hoot! (If you don’t believe the part about the coffee just remember I am the Original Fantasy Football Snake Oil Vender. )

So how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football? 
After getting married in 1980 to a beautiful woman that loves a good beer and is nearly the fanatic about football that I am, we began going to the coast of Oregon every fall with my new brother-in-law. He was always talking about this new game he was playing and about how his team was doing. Obviously I was interested and when I saw how excited he got when watching the games, well, I decided l’d like to get excited too, and asked for a copy of the rules. (Pretty old fashioned game by todays standards but the league still exists and he still plays in it.) I formed my own redraft league in 1983. On a side note, that league has an interesting way of drafting. Each team gets 1000 points to bid with. Each round you turn in a sealed bid to the Commish. Your bid in each round determines your draft position is that round. Once out of points you pick last. After running that league for 10 years a friend took it over and after a year off from doing the Commish thing I began two more leagues – a keeper and a dynasty. So to answer your question, I begin my Twenty-First season of Fantasy Football this year.

And how many Leagues are you involved in? 
Oh you’d have to ask my accountant that , but the ones that I pay the most attention to are especially the two Shark teams I have, 2 web leagues, and five local pay leagues which includes the two I Commish, for a total of nine. If you got the information you might as well apply it in many situations is what the Viperman says.

Team Names? 
The Whalers are my original, and best, team. When a friend named his team the Orcas, I told him that just meant there had to be Whalers. Its been a great rivalry ever since! The Whalers have a long, colorful history of success and yes we have dominated the Orca most seasons! The Vipers are another successful team my opponents have learned to fear and a couple of new teams formed just this year as true representatives of the Pacific Northwest are the Brewers and Hopheads. We will see how the new teams do. They could rise to the top or be completely in the tank, if you know what I mean.

How do you think you will fair in this years drafting? 
I’m well prepared. (Got the Ticker Tape you know ) Every draft is a little different though, as they each have their surprises and develope a flavor of their own. I have two Shark teams – my luck – they both pick from the 10 spot. The 10 spot ain’t the best, but, we shall overcome!

Cool. So lets move on to some NFL questions. How about who’s your favorite NFL team? 
Growing up in the Northwest where there were no professional sports until I was older I have been a Packer and Browns fan since I was a little kid. Probably because I grew up watching them on TV. Today I’m more of a Cheesehead than anything else, but I loved the years the Browns had Mack and Byner and were very competitive. I will also root for the Sea-Chickens when they do well just because they are from the Northwest.

So, when did you first find 
I stumbled across the Sharks in this years Fantasy Football Index magazine and decided to go check out the website. I joined that very day which was July 9 of this year.

And how often do you log on to 
Everyday. I love the site, its information and especially the Sharks. What really hooked me though was the concept behind the Shark Leagues. Its unique and is a new way to challenge myself.

Since your such an avid fan, are there any other Sharks on the message boards that you respect the most? 
Having only been there a short while I’m still learning about everyone’s tendancies but there are many valuable insights and I enjoy them all. Of course I enjoy the insights of Trilogy even if he does have that dang Eagles bias , the antics of Actions and Agenda (Agenda is located here in Oregon too) and the trouble making of that Paddler across the pond. Obviously I can’t name everyone here, but I would like to see more of Cinnamongirl (can I say that?! ) and I always have a close look at your comments too Storm!

I also have to mention my buddy Stuntman! We joined on the same day – probably within the same minute it seems (we’re probably twins or something ) – and as two chum swimming together in the Shark tank we kinda hit it off. He’s from the east coast and I’m from the west coast. Just part of the fun that is unique to Fantasy Football on the web!

Anything else you would like to say to all your fans out there? 
lol I’m pretty new here so don’t know how many “fans” I have but……If you are in the Pacific or Carribean Mako Leagues…Beware the Viper!!!!

Oh, and one more thing. (In a high sticky sweet voice) Tony, Sharkette is still waiting for that “private” job interview with you!

Will you ever catch MattheuofVA? 
Only if we are in the same bar and he lets me buy him a couple more drinks than I have had! Cheers Matt, and to all the Sharks!!!!!!!

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