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Waiver Wire Candidates – Week 2

It is only week 2, you still should not panic.  It is ok to be concerned about the future of players like McNabb and Warner and Curtis Martin.  You should be keeping an eye on the waiver wire looking to improve your team.  Here are some players we feel might be available and have a chance of helping your team.

Note:  You won’t see Jamal Lewis or Randy Moss in this list.  This is not a ranking of the best players.  This IS a list of players who MIGHT be available and their value MIGHT have risen enough to be worthy of playing on your fantasy team on its march to glory (Championship, glory is winning the championship, for those of you that have never won one.


Jay Fiedler MIA – One word describe him best: Steady.  If you need a flashy guy, he is not your man, but if you need 15-20 points per week, he might still be available.

Brad JohnsonTB – Another steady performer who just happens to be 2nd in the league in passing yards with 577.

Patrick Ramsey WAS –  356 yards and 2 TDs last week was impressive.  Spurrier might have found his quarterback for his passing offense.

Marc Bulger STL – Probably not available, but was named the starter for Week 3.  He might play every week until he finally loses a game.

Running Backs

Moe Williams MIN Against CHI got 158 total yards and a TD.  But even more impressive was the block he put on Urlacher on a blitz.  Stopped him cold, some Offensive Linemen can’t do that.

Mike Anderson DEN – Has no value if Portis is healthy (bruised sternum), but would pick up any carries if Portis goes out for a week or so.  Caution: Do not trust Shanahan when it comes to players’ injury status, he rarely tells the whole truth.

Stephen Davis CAR – Also, probably not available.  He ran for 142 yards against the TB defense.  I have heard that they were vulnerable against the run up the middle, but I did not believe it until now.

Wide Receivers

Santana Moss NYJ – Very good week 2 (5-142-1), but I am not sure how long Vinny can hold up after passing 40.  (Passing the 40 year mark, not the 40,000 yards passing mark.)

Eric Parker  SD – Is picking up the slack with Boston out.  This will end when Boston returns, so he is not a long term solution.

Bobby Shaw BUF – He is not willing to give Josh Reed the #2 WR slot in BUF, is he?

Josh Reed BUF – He is not willing to give Bobby Shaw the #2 WR slotin BUF, is he?

Jabar Gaffney  – Another solid week from him.  I need one more good week before I am sold on him. 

Tight Ends
Jim Kleinsasser MIN – 4 catches for 2 TDs.  Always in on the goal line offense.

Christian Fauria NE – 3 catches for 2 TDs.  A Brady favorite in the endzone.

Dallas Clark IND – Seems to be outperforming Marcus Pollard so far this season.

Erron Kinney/Shad Meier TEN – One of these 2 will pick up the slack for Wycheck, just hard to determine who with get the most of them.  My guess is Kinney.  If someone knows who is the TE in TEN, let me know.


Owen Pochman SF – May be getting some nice opportunities.

Aaron Elling MIN – See above.

Josh Brown  SEA- See above.

Morten Anderson KC – lots of opportunities, a little short in the leg.

John Hall WAS – Lots of leg, if you get a lot of points for 50+ kicks, he is good to have on your team.

San Francisco – 10 sacks, 6 Fum Rec, 3 ints, and a defensive TD.  And they are hosting Cleveland this weekend and @MIN next week.

Seattle – Shutout ARI and are playing the Rams this week, who are having trouble keeping the ball on offense.  STL comes to town for week 3, then they have a bye week.

Colts – Dungy is a defensive genius if he can turn this into a Mini-Me of TB defense.  They host JAX this week and are at New Orleans for week 4.

Packers – *Matchup alert*: Playing against @ARI and @CHI the next 2 weeks.  I could add some stats here, but with these opponents thye are not necessary.

Vikings – Lead the league in interceptions (5) and are plaing in Detroit for week 3.  Why wouldn’t you pick them up?  You might not want the for week 4 when the travel to San Fransisco.

Saints – Defense takes a lot of chances but gets a lot of sack in return.  Playing @TEN this week and host IND for week 4.  If McNair is out, this is a defense you want in your lineup.

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