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Waiver Wire Candidates – Week 4

As we head into week 4, the panic meter should be rising.  You have some dead wood on the roster that is not producing.  When should you trade up to a younger model?   If the player was highly drafted, I would give him another couple weeks.  If the player was a late round “flyer”, maybe it is time to go in another direction.   In the words of Woody from Toy Story, “It’s a perfect time to panic!!”

Standard Waivers Note:  You won’t see Jamal Lewis or Randy Moss in this list.  This is not a ranking of the best players.  This IS a list of players who MIGHT be available and their value MIGHT have risen enough to be worthy of a roster spot on your awesome fantasy team.


Byron Leftwich, JAC – Slowly and surely, he is getting more and more playing time in the games. This reminds me of a boulder gaining speed as it rolls down the hill.

Running Backs

Shawn Bryson, DET – Someone has finally emerged as the primary back in DET, and his name is Shawn.

Lamar Gordon, STL – Faulk is out 3-4 weeks, Lamar has a great opportunity to step in and show what he can do. Remember when Trung filled in for Faulk in past seasons? Could be similar, except that the o-line in not as good as in years past.

Mike Anderson, DEN – Second week in a row that Portis sat for most of the second half. Anderson did twist his knee against OAK, check to see if there is more information about that before picking him up.

Wide Receivers

Mathew Hatchette, JAC – JJ Stokes may be the slowest WR still playing in the NFL. It is only natural that Matthew takes over as #1 until Jimmy Smith comes back.

Drew Bennett, TEN – Had a good week and McNair needs a consistent #2 target to throw to.

Andre Johnson, HOU – Averaging 6 catches for 80 yards a game. Could be rookie of the year if this continues.

Peter Warrick, CIN – Another solid week. Nothing spectacular, but he is at least starting to earn the respect of a #1 pick.

Reggie Wayne, IND – Best fantasy player last week and has better season numbers than Marvin Harrison, so far anyway.

Kelly Campbell, MIN – He is taking advantage of Bates being hurt and making the most if his opportunities. Not totally sold on this guy yet, but might be worth a pickup. If he was better than Bates, he would have beaten him out for the #2 spot in training camp, right?

McCants, Darnerian,WAS – Seems to be enough receptions in Washington for 3 receivers, at least in deeper leagues.

Lelie, Ashley, DEN – Good week (3-108-1), but don’t get too excited here. One 44 yard catch was a blown coverage and he got a lot more playing time with Rod Smith being ejected.

Tight Ends

Dallas Clark, IND – We did mention last week that he was outplaying Pollard, right?  Perhaps Pollard is slowing down? 


Owen Pochman, SF – 4-4 FGs in his debute. Perhaps he is an NFL kicker, but was never given the chance. That would explain why New England drafted him so high (for a kicker) a few years ago.

John Hall, WAS – Putting together a very nice season so far. I think it is because of the switch to a more traditional type of facemask. You have to admit, that single bar facemask was awful looking. 2 FG over 50 yards so far this season.


(Note: there are 4 good defenses on a bye this week – MIA,SEA,TB,NYG – so there might be more activity than usual in your league this week.

Dolphins, MIA – Until this last week, they have not be very good. There is a decent chance that their owners gave up on them for a SEA or SF defense.

Broncos, DEN – A couple of my leagues have this defense available. They dismantled the Oakland offense this week.


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