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Waiver Wire Candidates

I have long held that getting trounced in your 1st Fantasy Football game of the year can many times be a blessing in disguise. In the past, guys in the know have picked up names like Terrell Davis, Kurt Warner, Laveranues Coles, or Randy McMichael during the 1st week and gone on to win their championship game. Don’t overlook week 1’s waiver wire, this is the most important one of the year!

No, you should not panic. No, you should not give up yet on Tony Gonzalez or David Boston. But yes, you should be searching the waiver wire for guys that fell through the cracks at draft day, or players that have come out of no where to post unexpected numbers. A terrific place to start is usually the Tight End position. Let’s take a look at a few guys at different positions that might be available.


Jake Delhomme, QB Carolina
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 32
Week 1 Numbers: 12 comp, 122 yrds, 3 TDs
No offense Tony….but I told you so. I just have a feeling about this Carolina team and specifically Jake. Its taken him 5 years to get his chance, then he took over in the middle of the game and looked terrific. There’s no way Rodney Peete isn’t coming back. Delhomme is going to be this years Tom Brady.

Marc Bulger, QB St Louis
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 35
Week 1 Numbers: N/A
Kurt Warner played with a concussion and ended up in the hospital.  So Bulger’s been named the starter for week 2.  If you want help for the short-term here’s your man.  Don’t expect Bulger to give you help for long.

Kyle Boller, QB Baltimore
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 39
Week 1 Numbers: 22 comp, 152 yrds, 1 TD
Look he’s a rookie. But, on a pretty decent team. You certainly don’t want him as you every day starter. But, if you’re in real trouble at QB he’s worth a pickup.

Ladell Betts, RB Washington
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 42
Week 1 Numbers: 18 rushes 77 yrd, 1 recpt 4 yrds
It’s interesting that not one of the big name RB’s went down this week. That’s a good thing. But, it does make it that much harder to find a RB if you’re still in trouble at that spot. Clearly Betts looked the best at RB for Washington and he may be available.

Aveion Cason, RB Dallas
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 53
Week 1 Numbers: 2 rushes 77 yrds, 1 Td, 2 Rcpts 29 yards
Don’t get too excited about Cason’s numbers. He did score a TD which is always nice, but that TD and 63 of his 77 yards came in one run. Choose with caution here.

Larry Centers, RB New England
Pre-Season Positional Rank: Not Ranked
Week 1 Numbers: 5 rush 36 yrds, 4 catches 18 yards
I’m not convinced nor is anyone about the New England running game. Centers has always been and still will be a WR coming out of the backfield that qualifies at RB. But, 50 total yards isn’t too bad if you’re really in trouble at this position.

Anquan Boldin, WR Arizona
Pre-Season Positional Rank: Not Ranked
Week 1 Numbers: 10 rcpts, 217 yrd, 1 TD
Anquan who? Absolutely no one drafted this guy in a re-draft league. I guarantee he’s available. If you need a WR he is the one for you. Keep in mind though, he’s not going to be playing Detroit’s defense every single week.

Matthew Hachette, WR Jacksonville
Pre-Season Positional Rank: Not Ranked
Week 1 Numbers: 4 recpt 60 yrds 1 TD
Proceed with caution. That was his first TD catch since the 2000 season.

Shaun MacDonald, WR St. Louis
Pre-Season Positional Rank: Not Ranked
Week 1 Numbers: 2 rushes 7 yrds, 6 rcpts 46 yrds
With Bruce and Holt on this team…I wouldn’t go here if I were you.

Freddie Jones, TE Arizona
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 19
Week 1 Numbers: 6 rctps 65 yrds 1 TD
I can’t believe how this guy fell in some drafts. I know he might not be available in your league, but with a pre-season rank of 19 he might be. Grab him now or regret it. Clearly Jones is back.

Josh Norman, TE San Diego
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 36
Week 1 Numbers: 4 rcpts 64 yards 1TD
Its pretty clear Stephen Alexander is not the guy in San Diego. How do you argue with those numbers. You can’t. Norman is the kind of find you can make at Tight End. Decent Team, will score in bunches, they have other options on offense, but Brees is looking for him in the red-zone. Nice..

Matt Schobel, TE Cincinnati
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 31
Week 1 Numbers: 4 rcpts 97 yards
He beat Chad Johnson by 1 yrd receiving. Kitna likes him. The question will be whether Carson Palmer will too. Me thinks so.

Kris Magnum, TE Carolina
Pre-Season Positional Rank: 53
Week 1 Numbers: 3 rcpts 28 yards
I’m sorry I just love this guys name! His numbers were ho-hum this week, but we know from past history that Carolina likes to throw to their Tight End. Maybe worth a flyer or at least an eye out for another week.

Happy Hunting!

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