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Waiver Wire Pickups – Week 9

Where can you find Hemingway references, Styx lyrics, and tips to making fat chicks look better, all in the same place? In a trashy tabloid you say? In the Smithsonian? In Tom Arnold’s memoirs? No way baby! You have no choice but to read this weeks Waiver Wire column to find out. Because there’s more to life than fantasy football. Or so we hear…

Smokin Hot!!!

Mike Bell RB Denver Broncos

For whom the Bell tolls? Well, last week it was Mike for a change. With AFC rushing leader Tatum hampered by turf toe, Mike Bell carried the load and ripped the Colts run D for 136 yards and 2 big TDs. But buyer beware…this pick also comes with the Excedrin 5000 headache that comes from guessing who Mike Shanahan will give the bulk of the Broncs carries on any given week. MB could go back to the guy who had one combined carry over weeks 5 and 6 at any time and without notice. More likely he gets more carries than he has in the past, especially if Tatum’s sore piggy tends to linger as injuries of this type often do. Hopefully you don’t have to start him, but he should be on a roster in leagues of any size. Step up to the Mike!

Wali Lundy RB Houston Texans

Wali’s back! If the guys in your league didn’t read this column last week and Lundy’s still around, snag him! Rookie Wali posted his second straight solid game with a 116 yard rushing perfomance, adding 5 catches for 33 yards to boot. The Texans aren’t a good team right now…have they ever been?…but Lundy had been a bright spot in the offense of late. The Giants and Jags are next on the schedule so don’t expect Wali to post quite the same numbers against these tougher run defenses. But hey, it’s week 9 and if he’s on your waiver wire, he shouldn’t be!

Solid Pickups

Tony Romo QB Dallas Cowboys

Doesn’t this guy have a chain of spare rib restaurants? Romo was on the hot seat as he got his first career start over vet Drew Bledsoe, and he didn’t perform badly at all. His 270 yard and a TD passing day was marred by an interception, but he made things happen for the Dallas offense and that’s what they were desperately hoping he’s provide. He’s mobile and has some killer receiving options, but he’s a rookie and you can expect a rocky ride should you start him. The Skins and Cards are next on tap. And hey, even if he doesn’t work out for you, impress all of your Styx loving friends with Tony’s personal theme music; Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto…Romo, romo….Romo, romo… I’m sure those lyrics bring a tear to your eye, as they certainly do to mine.

Owen Daniels TE Houston Texans

Rookies RULE the waiver wire column so far, and why not add another? With David Carr getting unexpectedly yanked from the game due to poor performance, backup Sage Rosenfels makes rookie Daniels his favorite target and helps him rack up a 9 catch for 99 yard and 2 TD day! With this year’s supposedly studly rookie TE class, unheralded Daniels is so far proving himself as the one to have. Five TDs on the year put him amongst the elite as his position, and the Wisconsin Badger has suddenly become a borderline starter in many fantasy leagues. He doesn’t play the fiddle as well as Charlie and he doesn’t make fat chicks look as good as Jack, but this Daniels will make yours a better team.

Trent Green QB Kansas City Chiefs

Trent’s missed much of the season with a scrambled noggin’ and while it’s hard to say how productive he’ll be in a Herm Edwards offense, he’s probably the most reliable and experienced QB likely to be available on the waiver wire. He’s been dropped in many leagues, and if you’re hard-up for some QB help, he should be returning fairly soon. If you want to pick him up for stretch-run insurance, now may be the time.

Chris Henry WR Cincinnati Bengals

The classic case of the million-dollar talent with the fifty-cent head. Though in this case, perhaps the silver coins should be exchanged for copper ones. In any case, Henry is an immense raw talent who will produce given the chance in the potent Bengals passing offense, and he posted solid numbers against the Falcons with a 5 catch for 81 yard and a TD day. Granted that much of that came on a long bomb in the waning seconds of the game, but nevertheless Henry is can become a dangerous receiver in the league if he decides to become one. I rather doubt that this will happen, but if you do, hold your nose and make this guy a decent #3 WR in the right matchup.

On the Radar

David Martin TE Green Bay Packers

Hey Chris Berman…with Curtis no longer playing, why not make this guy your “Favorite Martin”? With the Green Bay receiving corps badly banged up, someone other than opposing D-backs have to catch Favres tosses, and lately unheralded David Martin has been one of those guys. Martin posted a 4 catch for 48 yard and a TD day against the Cards on Sunday, his second straight with a TD. Consider Martin a decent spot starter against the Bills this coming week.

Seneca Wallace QB Seattle Seahawks

Wallace had a pretty respectable day in his starting debut against the Chiefs in Arrowhead on Sunday, passing for about 200 yards with 3 TDs and 2 picks. With Hasselbeck likely out for another week but likely returning fairly soon, Seneca is a guy to grab now rather than later if you want him on your team. With the league leading Raiders pass defense on the schedule this week, he’s not a particularly appealing start though.

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