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Waiver Wire Wonders – Week 6 (Midweek)

The thing about early week deadlines is, well, news can sometimes break after we go to press. I reported earlier this week that there wasn’t much worth getting excited about on the waiver wire, so much so that I cut out the “Smokin’ Hot” category for the week. A lot has gone down in the couple of days since the Waiver Wire Wonders was posted, so here is a quick update on the late breaking news as it pertains to this week’s waiver wire.

Random Thought

Before we get to that, I haven’t decided where I stand on the NFL having a game on every Thursday night. Part of me enjoys this, since it is another night that I can watch a football game on television. The other part of me, the fantasy football owner, very much doesn’t like this change. Thanksgiving games, yea, no problem, even the Thursdays in December, ok. The Thursday game pushes up the weekly schedule for everything, free agency, picking games in the “pool”, seems like each week is a rush. So I’m firmly on the fence, but have come to accept these games.

Now that we’ve got the bye weeks mixed into the schedule, has it ever been explained why the NFL doesn’t have two of the teams on a bye week be matched up in the following week’s Thursday night game? Makes too much sense, right? Instead of giving the two teams playing in the Thursday night spotlight game 10 days to rest and prepare, let’s just give them three days and hope they don’t have any bumps and bruises. The Ravens played in a Sunday night game, then four days later they were on for the Thursday night tilt. If we are going to have Thursday night games, how about giving these teams a fighting chance at putting on a good show.

Green Bay Running Back

After my deadline, it was announced that Cedric Benson would be out for an even more significant period of time than was originally reported, likely now to be until at least week 14. I stand by my recommendation that James Starks will be the player to pick up in his place. While many were encouraged by Green’s performance last week after Benson left (10 carries for 63 yards), this was in a game where Starks was not dressed. Even though the Packers are reporting that Alex Green may get an opportunity this week to be the starter (our friends at show Green as the top selection this week), I feel Starks is the long term solution.

Many have forgotten that it was Starks that was the spark for the Packers on their magical Superbowl run in 2010. He carried the team as the leading rusher for Green Bay in each of their playoff games. He also had a strong campaign in 2011, so he is a proven player in the Green Bay system. He’s battled injuries, currently coming off a turf toe injury that has kept him out of the lineup all of 2012. He is healthy now, and at the most opportune time. Coach Mike McCarthy will likely split things up until one of Starks or Green establishes themselves as the starter, and of course, John Kuhn will get mixed in at the goal line. I expect that Starks will win the job in short order and be the back to own for the Packers for the duration of the Benson injury.

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